Hess Jr., Genco, Watson, McGuire, Miller, Greene Win At Eriez

HAMMETT, Pa. — Mother Nature provided perfect weather for racing at Eriez Speedway’s annual Auto Racers for Kids night.

The event featured several activities for the youngest fans with silent auctions and door prizes throughout the night to raise needed funds.

On the track, the Super Late Models featured a 30-lap “run what ya brung” feature in which all body rules were suspended for the night, allowing Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model Teams teams to innovate various body modifications, including sideboards, wings and air dams to take better advantage of aerodynamic conditions of short track racing. Several teams took advantage and lap times were lowered as a result.

Wyatt Scott recorded a lap of 14.723 during his heat. At the end of the night, Dave Hess Jr., a multi-time track champion, was the first under the checkers. Other class winners included Jason Genco in the Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models; Joel Watson in the Ran Den Excavating E-Mods; Kyle Miller in the Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Center Economods; Chris McGuire in the Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks; and Casey Burch in the Niemeyer’s Garage Challenger feature.

Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models/Zimmer Service Center United Late Model Series

Heat 1: Wyatt Scott, Jake Finnerty, Chad Wright, Matt Urban, Jake Gunn, John Lobb

Heat 2: Bump Hedman, Bob Dorman, fandom Groters, Wendall Pinckney, Dave Hess Jr (DNS)

Feature: Dave Hess Jr, Wyatt Scott, Bump Hedman, Matt Urban, Jake Finnerty, Chad Wright, John Lobb, Bob Dorman, Wendall Pinckney, Brandon Groters, Jake Gunn

Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH. Rate Late Models

Heat 1: Kyle Zimmerman, Andy Boozel, Paul Norman, Bruce Hordusky, Will Pinckney, Andy Proper

Heat 2: Max Blair, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Breyton Santee, Khole Wanzer, Al Brewer

Feature: Jason Genco, Max Blair, Kyle Zimmerman, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Bill Applebee, Khole Wanzer, Paul Norman, William Pinckney, Andy Proper, Al Brewer, Drake McCray

Ran Den Excavating E-Mods

Heat 1: Gary Eicher, Steve Simon, Josh Beckstrom, Jarrod Silvis, Brandon Grossman, Calvin Thompson, David Lamphere

Heat 2: John Boyd, Michael McGee, Randy Hall, Troy Johnson, Hunter Hulley, Robert Cettell Jr

Feature:Joel Watson, Casey Bowers, Steve Sornberger Jr, Steve Rex, Butch Southwell, Chuck Steinle Jr, David Lamphere, Josh Beckstrom, Gary Eicher, Brandon Grossman, Calvin Thompson, Steve Sornberger Jr, Jarrod Silvis, Robert Cettell Jr (DNS)

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods

Heat 1: Kyle Miller, Bud Watson, Zack Lenart, Mitch Wright, Jason Brightman, Dominic DePonceau, Brad Boyd

Heat 2: Geoff Conn, Devin Henry, Gary Olson, Steve Simon, Eric Reinwald, Matt Alexander

Feature: Kyle Miller, Geoff Conn, Bud Watson, Matt Alexander, Jason Brightman, Brad Boyd, Dominic DePonceau, Zack Lenart, Eric Reinwald, Devin Henry, Steve Simon, Mitch Wright, Gary Olson

Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks

Heat 1: Jordan Eck. Bill Applebee, John Boardman, Darr Diegelman, John Boardman, Shane Applebee, Anthony Marotto, Drake McCray (DNS)

Heat 2: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Chris McGuire, Joshua Seippel, Doug Eck, Kyle Couchenour, Paul Schreckengost, Garrett Calvert, Joe Rohrer (DNS)

Heat 3: Wesley McCray, Joe Stajnrajh, Brian Crandall, Gary Fisher, Michael Reed, Brent Crandall, Chris Fenno

Feature: Chris McGuire, Brian Crandall, Anthony Marotto, Bill Applebee, PAUL Schreckengost, Joshua Seippel, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Michael Reed, Drake McCray, Gary Fisher, Darr Diegelman, Garrett Calvert, Shane Applebee, Jordan Eck, Ron Boardman, Wesley McCray, Kyle Couchenour, Joe Stajnrajh, John Boardman, Joe Rohrer, Brent Crandall (DNS), Chris Fenno (DNS)

Niemeyer’s Garage Challengers

Heat 1: John Zeleznick, Chris Horton, Wes Stull, Nicholas Reed, Bob Leonard, Tyler Walters, Jessica Harvey, Mike Barr, Matt Marcy, Dalton Eggleston, Trevor Jimerson

Heat 2: Casey Burch, Nichole Condron, Will Vanguilder, Skip Jackson, Dylan Greene, Zack Eller, Jacob Peterson, Josie Tolon, Lane Reinwald, Jeff Nunemaker

Feature: Casey Burch, John Zeleznick, Skip Jackson, Zack Eller, Dylan Greene, Wes Stull. Nichole Condron, Jeff Nunemaker, Bob Leonard, Chris Horton, Mike Barr, Jessica Harvey, Nicholas Reed, Trevor Jimerson, Josie Tolon, Lane Reinwald, William Vanguilder, Tyler Walters, Matt Marcy, Jacob Peterson, Dalton Eggleston (DNS)