JHS Boys Fall To Quakers In Track & Field Meet

ORCHARD PARK–Orchard Park picked up an 84-57 win over visiting Jamestown in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 boys track and field action on Monday despite the Red Raiders taking home both the 1,600-meter and 400-meter relays.

Francisco Rodriguez claimed the 100 meters (23.2) and Savon VanSickle won the 400 meters (53.2) for the winners.

3,200m relay: Orchard Park (Jack Hearety, Mike Kane, Aiden Winiewicz, Cal Puskar). T–8:53.8

110m hurdles: Tino Mancabelli (OP), Matthew Blakey (J), Gavin Bowen (J). T–16.0

100m: Nino Rivera (OP), Francisco Rodriguez (J), Jim Bertuffo (OP). T–11.5

1,600m: Chris Bertola (OP), Hearety (OP), Jason Kinkaid (OP). T–4:54.2

400m: Savon VanSickle (J), Bertulfo (OP), Andrew Luchowski (OP). T–53.2

400m hurdles: Nathan Hill (J), Issac Johnson (OP), Blakey (J). T–1:00.7

800m: Harrison Monfort (J), Mancabelli (OP), Kinkaid (OP). T–2:11.8

200m: Rodriguez (J), VanSickle (J), Bertulfo (OP). T–23.2

3,200m: Puskar (OP), Bertola (OP), Chase Deponceau (J). T–9:59.2

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Monfort, LeBron Fisher, Hill, Jordan Crofoot). T–3:46.4

400m relay: Jamestown (Hill, Jaiden McKoy, VanSickle, Rodriguez). T–45.3

Long jump: Mancabelli (OP), Rivera (OP), Takye Branch (J). D–19-9.5

Triple jump: Branch (J), Kinkaid (OP), Levi Rothenburger (OP). D–39-3.5

Shot put: Caden Jensen (OP), Liam W. (OP), Crofoot (J). D–47-5.25

Discus: Jensen (OP), Skylar Myers (J), Anthony Pietromicca (OP). D–129-1

High jump: Grant Moore (J), John Lander (OP), Brad Fowler (OP). H–6-1

Pole vault: Keegan Mancabelli (OP), Rivera (OP), Breck OÌConnor (OP). D–12-0



RANDOLPH — Randolph was a 73-64 winner over Salamanca, thanks to wins in the 100 meters (13.8) and the shot put (31-3) by Kara Leeper.

Mushira Sheppard took home the long jump (15 feet, 4.5 inches) and the pole vault (9-6) for Salamanca.

100m hurdles: Mourbour (S), Dubuc (R), Green (S). T–19.8

100m: Kara Leeper (R), Hercules Rasha (S), Pierce (S). T–13.8

1,500m: Claire Roosa (R), Smith (R), Wilson (S). T–5:47.2

400m: Piper Keyes (R), Lewis (R), Wilson (S). T–1:09.8

400m hurdles: Small (S), Roosa (R), Green (S). T–1:19.3

800m: Lucy VanRensselaer (R), John (S), Wilson (S). T–2:48.4

200m: Rasha (S), Leeper (R), Hill (S). T–29.0

3,000m: Sydney Smith (R), Roosa (R), Small (S). T–13:06.6

High jump: Amanda Graham (R), Clark (R), John (S). T–4-4

Long jump: Mushira Sheppard (S), Finch (R), Collins (S). T–15-4.5

Shot put: Kara Leeper (R), Crouse (S), McGonigle (S). T–31-3

Discus: Crouse (S), Kourtney Leeper (R), Roosa (R). D–77-4

Triple jump: Rian Finch (R), Hill (S), Collins (S). D–29-3

Pole vault: Sheppard (S). H–9-6

3,200m relay: Salamanca. T–11:11.6

400m relay: Randolph. T–56.7

1,600m: Salamanca. T–4:38.2