Genco Just Misses Perfect Game At JBC

Mike Genco Jr. came within a pin of a 300 in the Acme Appliance League at Jamestown Bowling Company over the weekend.

Genco was stopped on his final ball and wound up with a 299.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Tompkins connected for a 717 on games of 249-245-223 for JBC in the Monday Night Ladies Classic at JBC. Tompkins was one of the five 700s in the league where Dana Stanton was the runner-up with 213-257-652 for Catering Plus. Chelsey Mee hit 215-235-646 for Shoeless Joe’s, Lyn McIntyre had a 227-233-639 for Jo’s Tupperware and Kate Foti rolled a 201-204-202-607 for Angel Hair.

Another 600 was rolled by Kayla Morse, who shot a 222-610 in the Acme Appliance League where Heather Ewing had a 510 and Lacey Evans a 508.

Dawn Raynor also spun a 207-210-586 for JBC in the Monday Night Ladies Classic at JBC.

Ashley Zaffino shot a 224 at JBC and that was duplicated by Morse.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Acme Appliance League — Alex Foti 625, Mike Genco Jr. 623, Daniel Sasso 244-598, Heather Ewing 510, Lacey Evans 508, Kelly Savaree 493, Dora Emmick 485.

Ladies Classic League — Ashley Zaffino 565, Beth Sacilowski 549, Kayla Morse 547, Theresa Jackson 208-545, Mary Green 542, Donna Clark 541, Bonnie Smith 212-536, Laura Schlining 216-536, Heather Lyon 519, Kathy Bradshaw 204-518, Debbie Williams 505, Daryl Wadsworth 500, Sue Bero 495, Andraya Vazquez 476.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League — Andy Swanson 237-222-218-671, Scott Pollock 244-211-625, Brian Kennelley 248-621,. Devin Kennelley 226-617, Steve Ryberg 225-614, Dana Albert 232-610.

Chris Sieber Memorial League — Yolanda Verleni 201-540, Erin Himes 501, Debbie Latona 495.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League — Dale Johnson 668, Bruce Moore 659, Russ Payne 630, Jeff Arnold 630, Erik Lindquist 630, Jeremy Becker 622, Troy Beightol 620, Paul Keppel 619, Dan Terhune 609, Scott Nelson 607, Bill Pownall 575.