Sacilowski, McIntyre Headline Area Bowling

Five 700 series were recorded by the men and two 600 sets were turned in by the women to highlight the area bowling roundup.

Mike Sacilowski was the top bowler with a 244-247-238-729 for Superior Energy in the Dave Warren Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC, followed by Adam Newhouse, who uncorked a 246-254-220-720 in the American League at Cutting Lanes.

Back in the Dave Warren Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles, Josh Volk hit a 243-254-712, Jim Mee rolled a 247-247-712 for Gametime and Paul Burdic fired a 237-234-236-712 for Farm Fresh Foods.

Lyn McIntyre and Steph Tompkins led the ladies with 600s in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC. McIntyre spun a 247-620 and Tompkins rolled a 605.

Jeremy Becker delivered a 227-246-687 for Townline Auto & Repair to round out the top scores for the evening.

Andy Blasdell had a 260 game, Chris Conti and Ryan Colburn rolled 256 games and Brent Miller a 254 game at JBC where Jenny Goodwill rolled a 221 in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Dave Warren Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles — Brent Miller 673, Andy Blasdell 221-670, Chris Conti 233-662. Andy Proctor 225-237-660, Dan Zamborik 223-227-660. Jeff Arnold 247-231-659, Mark Blasdell 229-237-659, Tom Sacilowski 227-646, Dan Gould 246-645, Ryan Colburn 642, Ray Textor 231-639, Justin VanArsdale 233-633, Cody Vincent 235-631, Bob Paterniti 234-628, Jeremy Crist 621, Brandon Miller 606, Jim Chapman 605.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League — Brad Johnson 232-628, Chris Goodwill 621, John Robbins 227-613, Jason Pool 244-605, Bill Hartzell 223-600, Pat Ewing 581, Craig Merchant 575, Jenny Goodwill 542, Tena Berkhous 537, Casey Blair 493, Suzi Bandley 212-485.

Cutting Lanes: American League — Ron Reed 235-248-649, Michael Reed 236-226-641, Pat Bemis 244-618, Ken Woodfield 617, Brad Robinson 589, Clarence Madison 580.