Three 700s Rolled Across Area Bowling Leagues

One 700 and six 600s highlighted action in the Ladies Classic League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Monday night.

Meanwhile at Frewsburg Lanes, two 700s were recorded in the VSK Emporium League.

Kate Foti did the honors at JBC by firing a 224-256-222-702 for Angel Hair.

Dale Johnson decked a 227-279-247-753 for Piazza’s Carpet One at Frewsburg Lanes.

Johnson’s pin total was one pin better than George Wendell, who rolled a 247-238-267-752 for Landmark Chevrolet in the Jeremy’s Bel-View League at JBC.

Another 700 was recorded was by Bill Pownall with a 224-237-257-702 for Real Estate Advantage in the VSK Emporium League.

Theresa Jackson shot a 225-232-657 for Shoeless Joe’s in the Ladies Classic followed by Chelsey Mee with a 200-237-215-652 also for Shoeless Joe’s. Dana Stanton hit a 243-211-644 for Catering Plus, Kayla Morse had a 245-232-637 for Ready About Sail, Stephanie Tompkins rolled a 235-608 for JBC and Lyn McIntyre had a 212-214-607 for Jo’s Tupperware.

Brian Kennelley decked a 233-226-225-684 for Pal Joey’s in the Jeremy’s Bel-View League at JBC.

Bill Farr had a 208-235-233-676 for Farr’s Allstate in the VSK Emporium League.

Donna Clark had a 213-203-596 for Catering Plus and Dawn Raynor spilled a 230-575 for JBC in the Monday Night Ladies League at JBC.

Linda Conti rolled a 213-540 in the Seniors League at JBC.

Jason Rhodes won the King of Hill Tournament at Cutting Lanes and fired a 257. Also in that event, Scott Lictus tossed a 257-653 and Drew Robinson had a 257. Ron Lyon also had a 257 at Cutting Lanes.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League — Bruce Moore 613, Russ Payne 610, Dave Eriksen 604, Jeremy Becker 600, Scott Nelson 596, Erik Lindquist 588, Alex Kyler 578, Wayne Harvey 577.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Acme Appliance League — Alex Foti 653, Brian Billquist 247-638, Kayla Morse 504, Lacey Evans 475.

EOW Couples League — Tom Lester 231-243-670, Paul Burdic 245-225-664, Jim Chapman 637, Ken Burland 607.

Seniors League — Richard Franzen 500, Sam Lisciandro 500, Ann Knepshield 465, Dana Gardner 448, Josie Nicosia 441, Chloe Vincent 400.

Hot Shots Seniors League — John Foster 213-586, Lenny Bush 554, Chuck Lee 543, Roger Gustafson 531, Bob Dowd 530, Ed Petransky 513, Sharon Dowd 451, Betty Puleo 439, Judy Parsons 421, Ruth Eggleston 409, Hazel Britt 406, Mary Love 404.

Monday Night Ladies Classic League — Ashley Zaffino 203-560, Grace Wheeler 208-555, Heather Lyon 209-554, Lauira Schlining 547, Debbie Williams 540, Jenn Peters 210-539, Bonnie Smith 214-530, Kathy Bradshaw 523, Christy Cuifiolo 511, LuAnn DeFrisco 493.

Chris Sieber Memorial League — Gloria Martin 527, Anne Sischo 517, Debbie Latona 484, Yolanda Verlini 481, Katrina Robbins 480.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League — Roger Volk 243-224-646, Bob Kaverman 248-644, Steve Ryberg 234-630, Mike Martinelli 228-621, Ron Lyon 582,

Cutting Lanes: King of the Hill Tournament — Moose Dunnewold 246-655, Lant Lictus 653, Michael Reed 237-652, Drew Robinson 651, Jason Rhodes 613, Brad Robinson 603, John Bailey 240-596, Steve Maloy 595, Cody Robinson 576, Kim Dunnewold 504.