The Fur Industry Is On Hunter’s Side

A global campaign has been started by Fur Information Council of America and it highlights the environmental benefits of using real fur and exposes the problems caused by plastic-based synthetics use in fake fur.

The campaign, which was initially produced by the International Fur Federation (IFF), wants to educate consumers on making the “responsible choice” of purchasing real instead of fake fur.

This campaign includes a video that shows the environmental damage that fake fur and other synthetics cause. This campaign is being run in the United States and Canada, as well as the video being circulated in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, and throughout Europe.

“Natural fur is the responsible decision when it comes to choosing between fake fur and natural fur,” IFF CEO Mark Oaten said. “The consumer has been fed a constant diet of fake news when it comes to fake fur. Scientists are telling us that plastic should be eliminated as far as possible from the retail chain. Natural fur is the sustainable alternative. It is natural and provides for decades of use.”