McIntyre’s 658 Series Leads Area Bowling

Lyn McIntyre showed the way with a 224-235-658 in the Monday Night Ladies Classic at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Bowling for Jo’s Tupperware, McIntyre was among six ladies who recorded 600s in the Ladies Classic.

Bonnie Smith shot a 213-236-640 for A-Bat, Leda Peterson rolled a 226-204-203-633 for Lena’s Pizza, Chelsey Mee hit a 242-627 for JBC Pro Shop, Kate Foti fired a 215-213-616 for Angel Hair and Steph Tompkins smashed a 256-600 for Jo’s Tupperware.

Dennis Nilson delivered a 266-255-734 and Jeremy Becker fired a 227-235-239-704 in the Acme Appliance League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Meanwhile, Troy Beightol hit 229-267-210-707 for VSK Emporium in the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes, Steve Ryberg uncorked a 278-685 for Jeremy’s Bel-View in the Jeremy’s Bel-View League at JBC.

Other top efforts shot at JBC were Laura Schlining with a 275-592 for Angel Hair, Dawn Raynor with a 214-588 for JBC and Theresa Jackson with a 205-215-586 for Shoeless Joe’s in the Ladies Classic.

Donna Clark hit a 236 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Acme Appliance League — Pat Ewing 249-661, Kayla Morse 494, Kelly Savaree 483.

Hot Shot Seniors League — Chuck Lee 213-582, Paul Snow 212-528, Roger Vine 528, John Foster 575, Lenny Bush 505, Hazel Britt 468, Sharon Dowd 465, Ruth Eggleston 403.

Monday Seniors League — Sam Lisciandro 539, Rick Gardner 530, Linda Conti 476, Chloe Vincent 461, Dana Gardner 408.

Monday Night Ladies Classic League — Mary Gayton 214-202-573, Ashley Zaffino 210-571, Donna Clark 567, Dana Stanton 566, Grace Wheeler 209-515, LuAnn DeFrisco 514, Daryl Wadsworth 212-507, Mary Green 501, Sue Bero 500, Jenn Peters 499, Pat Weeks 206-487.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League — Mike Martinelli 222-613, Devin Kennelley 575.

Chris Sieber Memorial League — Laurie Gorgan 209-535, Gloria Martin 498.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League — Darryl Brink 652, Russ Payne 638, Jeremy Becker 625, Chuck Chapman 604, Scott Nelson 603, Clayt Willsie 600, Erik Lindquist 593, Kevin Carlson Jr. 588, Mike Kehrli 578, Paul Keppel 576, Bill Farr 575, Dave Johnson 575.