Chris Johnson Smashes 791 Set At JBC To Lead Bowling

Chris Johnson had quite a night at Jamestown Bowling Company on Wednesday.

Make that a banner night.

Bowling for JPF Trucking in the Lean’s Pizza Men’s League, Johnson spun a 246-266-279-791 to lead quite a showing at the Foote Avenue establishment.

In other action from that league, Dan Walker tossed a 243-289-754 for Midnite Towing, Ryan Beaver had a 258-246-236-740 for Busy Beaver Hand Cleaner, Andy Raymond rolled a 269-246-722 for Honest John’s Pizza, Doug Wheeler hit a 258-259-710 for A-Bat, Don Olson smashed a 225-254-701 for Jamestown Awning, Bill Thompson shot a 276-257-694 for Wadsworth Construction, Pedro Melendez fired a 243-225-681 for Southern Tier Supplies, Dave Fiorella rolled a 225-235-679 for JPF Trucking and Mark Sanden authored a 265-678 for Mud Creek Dairy.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza Men’s League: — Howard Holmes 242-670, Brent Miller 236-237-670, Ken Berlund 233-226-650, John Angeletti 243-223-641, Josh Volk 244-636, Alex Foti 631, Bill Colburn 245-629, Sean Peters 626, Dennis Beaver 264-625, Tim Whitmore 624, Jeff Arnold 622, Dan Benson Jr. 616, Ang Volpe 614, Andy Greenlee Jr. 611, Terry Frank 607, Greg Grimm 245-606, Robert Cross 229-603, Phil O’Brien 600, Kyle Ristau 227-589, Ned Dean 584.

Len’s Piazza Townline Auto League — Grace Wheeler 201-560, Becky Washer 210-502, Jeanie Colburn 500, Jen Goshgarian 483.


Rusty Martin uncorked a 279-243-241-763 for Chautauqua Mechanical in the Miles Machine Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

In the same league, Mike Page rolled a 244-248-268-760 for Miller Machine.

Meanwhile, Jim Glotz fired a 242-719 for Belin’s Pro Bowlers in the Falconer Businessmen’s League at State Lanes, Bob Howe scattered a 233-267-682 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company and Todd Piazza shot a 239-243-679 for Piazza’s Carpet in the Miles Machine League at JBC.

Kathy Bradshaw delivered a 577 in the JBC Ladies League, Ann Knepshield spun a 521 and Jami Olson a 514 in the Moon Brook Ladies League at JBC.

Ron Reed recorded a 257 in the Monday Men’s League at Cutting Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl — Jim Suckow 220-584, Bob Peterson 576, Jodie Lawson 232-574, Hank Mole 211-545, Bob Kaverman 200-545, Bob Dowd 525, Don Chambers 503, Sharon Dowd 455.

Miles Machine Men’s League — Nate Lester 244-233-643, Justin Wheeler 224-630, Brett Walters 226-630, Howie Wheeler Jr. 615, Pat Ewing 600, Brent Carlson 598, Rod Swanson 591, Jeff Ellis 220-585, John Van Horn 585, Tom Lester 223-582, Jim LaMancuso 580, Rob Loll 580, Joe Perry 577.

Cutting Lanes: Tuesday A. M. Senior League — Chuck Stansbury 233-528, Sharon Utegg 175-462.

Monday Men’s League — Adam Newhouse 236-235-673, Patrick Bemis 246-641, John Bailey 221-235-635, Justin Heil 225-610, Ron Reed 599, Ed Bailey 236-599, Doug Smith 576.

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League — Scott Traniello 609, Matt Gunther 599. Ken Westphal 575, Eric Johnson 575.