Brandon Miller unloaded a 254-222-255-731 for JP Craig Racing and Brent Miller hit a 224-268-211-703 for Piazza’s Carpet in the Miles Machine Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company to lead the area bowling.

Jim Suckow hit a 237-237-691 in the Tuesday Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Jeff Ellis scattered a 245-234-686 for R&R Garage in the Miles Machine League at JBC.

Sandy Haines fired a 504 in the Moon Brook Ladies League at JBC and Rusty Martin hit a 265 and Bob Storms a 251 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl — Bob Howe 217-590, Jodie Lawson 202-587, Jim Elardo 207-200-586, Ron Kuczenski 564, Bob Dowd 209-205-557, Hank Mole 511, Bob Peterson 509, Helen Chambers 439, Sharon Dowd 410.

Moon Brook Ladies League — Jami Olson 488, Ann Knepshield 478.

Miles Machine Men’s League — Nate Lester 225-642, Rusty Martin 634, Joe Sienicki 228-593, Mike Page 587, Howie Wheeler Jr. 245-577, Blake Carlson 577.

Ladies League — Kathy Bradshaw 519, Lori Pumford 517, Jen Arnold 497, Ann Knepshield 489.

Cutting Lanes: Tuesday A. M, Senior League — Barb Kruse 451.

Monday Men League — Adam Newhouse 222-223-651, Ron Reed 237-642, Chris Legters 245-625, Roger Brightman 586,