Radio-Controlled Racing

WARREN, Pa. — A new track record was set in the Legends Class by Sharon Schrader at 55 laps in 4:01.16 minutes to highlight action in Riverside Raceway radio-control racing recently.


1A Ryan Coyle, 61 Laps

2A Jim Ohl, 61 Laps

3A Mark McMillen, 58 Laps

4A Keisha Mack, 56 Laps

5B Jay Turner, 52 Laps

6B Chris Hoffman, 44 Laps

7B Tayton Jackman, 31 Laps


1A Tim DiPenti, 94 Laps

2A Mitchell Hoffman, 92 Laps

3A Tim Hoffman, 86 Laps

4A Dreysen Ohl, 83 Laps

5B Clark Thomas, 84 Laps

6B Kevin Allen, 69 Laps

7B Nate Davies, 63 Laps


1A DJ Shrader, 76 Laps

2A Mitchell Hoffman, 76 Laps

3A Jeff Ketcham, 74 Laps

4A Cody Jackman, 70 Laps

5B Tim Hoffman, 69 Laps

6B Devin Ohl, 68 Laps

7B Ron Leofsky, 67 Laps

8B Dreysen Ohl, 64 Laps

9C Chip Turner, 69 Laps

10C Rod McMillen, 68 Laps

11C Clark Thomas, 68 Laps

12C Bill Stitzinger, DNS

13D Sammie Snyder, 66 Laps

14D Anthony Donato, 65 Laps

15D Cody Leofsky, 65 Laps

16D Dustin Ganoe, 61 Laps


1A Kevin Allen, 82 Laps

2A DJ Schrader, 72 Laps


1A Rod McMillen, 52 Laps

2A Sharon Schrader, 51 Laps

3A Mark McMillen, 44 Laps

New track records were set in the Pro Slash class by DJ Schrader at 77 laps in 5:01.74 minutes and in the Nostalgia SPEC class by Tim DiPenti at 98 laps in 5:02.22 minutes.


1A Ryan Coyle, 61 Laps

2A Jim Ohl, 59 Laps

3A Jay Turner, 55 Laps

4A Mark McMillen, 55 Laps

5B Chris Hoffman, 47 Laps

6B Zerick Jackman, 34 Laps

7B Hunter Ganoe, 25 Laps


1A Tim DiPenti, 98 Laps

2A Kevin Allen, 97 Laps

3A Mitchell Hoffman, 96 Laps

4A Clark Thomas, 47 Laps

5B Tim Hoffman, 80 Laps

6B Dreysen Ohl, 70 Laps

7B Nate Davies, 54 Laps


1A DJ Shrader, 77 Laps

2A Jeff Hoffman, 76 Laps

3A Mitchell Hoffman, 75 Laps

4A Ron Leofsky, 68 Laps

5B Devin Ohl, 70 Laps

6B Clark Thomas, 70 Laps

7B Tim Hoffman, 67 Laps

8B Rod McMillen, 67 Laps

9C Anthony Donato, 68 Laps

10C Cody Leofsky, 67 Laps

11C Dreysen Ohl, 66 Laps

12D Chip Turner, 62 Laps

13D Ron Thomas, 61 Laps

14D Dustin Ganoe, 59 Laps


1A Ryan Coyle, 49 Laps

2A Rod McMillen, 48 Laps

3A Sharon Schrader, 45 Laps

4A Mark McMillen, 34 Laps

5A Scott Stewart, 22 Laps

Riverside Raceway track is located at 350 Pennsylvania Ave. West in downtown Warren, directly over Gaughn’s Drug Store. Radio control racing is held Wednesday nights, October through March. For more information, contact Lou Dussia at 814-723-8052 (Dreamboat Hobbies) or Ron Thomas at 814-723-1169.