Arnold, Erickson, Elardo Show Way

Jeff Arnold drilled a 230-269-248-747 in the Friday Night Mixed Couples League at Jamestown Bowling Company to highlight the area pin action.

Matt Erickson decked a 257-246-714 for Crescent Inn in the Bel-View East League where Greg Gush fired a 243-145-695 at JBC.

Jim Elardo shot a 247-224-631 in the Senior Coffee Bowl after rolling a 236-248-238-722 in the Dave Warren Chrysler Dodge Ram Classic on Thursday night at JBC. Ray Textor had a 227-648 in the same classic.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl — Don Angelo 226-0582, Steve Guadagnino 214-576, Dave Beaver 553, Bob Peterson 202-535, Bob Dowd 500, Sharon Dowd 449.

Mixed Couples League — Sean Peters 208-226-223-657, Pat Walsh 578, Jeff Curtis 222-576, Diane Tropp 520.

Bel-View East League — Mike LaPlaca 235-243-671, David Haines 654, Justin Johnson 233-635, Ryan Gray 232-614,. T. J, Weimer 227-614, John Robbins 596, Bob Szymanski 590, Rusty Martin 585, Andy Territo 578.