Adams, Matteson Lead Runner Of Year Standings

Brooke Adams leads the Women’s Division with 108 points and Stephen Matteson the Male Division with 88 points in the UPMC Chautauqua WCA/Runner of the Year Series.

Sarah Lefford is in first in the Female 15-19 Division with 19 points, Abbey Pajersky leads the Female 20-24 Division with 12 points and Adams tops the Female 25-29 Division with 53 points.

In the Female 40-44 Division, Mindy Lawson-Crabtree is ahead with 28 points and Sherri McCall leads the Female 45-49 Division with 42 points.

Judy Rowe leads the Female 60-64 Division with 55 points, Patricia Szczerbacki is tops in the Female 65-69 Division with 14 points and Judy Mowery paces the Female 70-74 Division with 25 points.

In the Male 15-19 Division, Anthony Ruiz leads with 20 points while Adam Sundholm heads up the 20-24 Division with 19 points.

Matteson has 50 points to pace the Male 25-29 Division, Jay Oste has 46 points to lead the Male 40-44 Division and Gregory Brink leads the Male 45-49 Division with 55 points.

Grant Vincent heads up the Male 50-54 Division with 45 points, Tom Meka carries the Male 65-69 Division with 44 points, John Samuelson is in front of the Male 70-74 Division with 25 points and Clarence Underwood the Male 75-And-Over Division with 10 points.

The last race of the series is Saturday at the Amy’s 5k Run in Lakewood.