Ray Textor Has Big Night At JBC

Ray Textor led the way with a 256-236-279-771 for Butternut Brooke in the Dave Warren Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Hall of Fame Classic Thursday night at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Kate Foti was runnerup with a 237-264-726 for Walker Auto & Motor Sports in the same league, while Tab Berkhous upended 232-289-733 in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC.

Justin VanArsdale tossed a 237-259-226-722 for Boyle’s Auto Sales and Alex Foti added a 279-228-716 for Brothers Foti in the Hall of Fame Classic; Ryan Colburn dropped a 243-231-697 for Scott’s Tree Ex., Alan Felmlee hit a 268-226-691 for Southern Tier Sports, Chris Conti rolled a 259-688 for Dom’s Mobil, Josh Volk fired a 258-685 for Scott’s Tree Ex., Matt Erickson had a 243-677 and Andy Proctor shot a 245-237-675 for Harmony Sheet Metal.

Mike LaPlaca hit 235-269-688 and Chris Goodwill a 226-278-680 in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC.

Jim Suckow recorded a 213-201-603, Lenny Bush added a 245-581, Hank Mole hit a 223-552, Bob Gunnell rolled a 529 and Roger Vine had a 508 in the Early Birds Seniors League.

High games thrown at JBC were turned in by Mike Sacilowski and Tom Sacilowski with 265s. Tim Thompson and Mark Meleen each had a 256.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Dave Warren CD Jr. League — Bob Paterniti 235-230-663, Dan Gould 245-659, Mark Meleen 658, Dave Saxton 239-244-658, Tom Lester 247-227-655, Mike Sacilowski 652, Tom Sacilowski 635, Jeremy Crist 235-230-632, Brandon Miller 630, Tim Thompson 619, Tom Volpe 614, Mark Blasdell 245-659, Jeremy Becker 605, Jim Chapman 603, Paul Burdic 603, John Williams 600.

Early Birds Seniors League — Denise Weber 170-431, Karen Beattie 411, Hazel Britt 400, Mary Love 400.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League — Steve Maloy 234-636, Tom Lester 233-626, Jason Pool 232-602, Pat Ewing 591, Casey Blair 203-517.