Johnson Smashes 279-764 At JBC

Chris Johnson led the area bowling action Wednesday, hitting a 279-248-237-764 for JPF Trucking in the Lena’s Pizza League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jim Chapman of Pepsi spun a 267-236-694, Dan Walker rolled a 235-246-695 for Midnite Towing and Tim Wares smashed a 241-225-681 for Jamestown Awning and Jason Rupczyk spun a 268-247-675.

Jeff Wadsworth hit a 259 single, also at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Men’s League — Jeff Wadsworth 673, Andrew Raymond 264-670, Dave Fiorella 220-241, Bill Thompson 231-243-666, Ron Brown 256-648, Dave Rasmussen 236-626, George Wendell 626, Roger Golden 624, Dan Benson Jr. 244-606, Cody Kane 254-597, Pedro Melendez 599, Mike Barton 236-596, Tyler Jones 590, Howard Holmes 584, Tom Lassen 583, Tom Lester 577, Richard Michael 576.

Lena’s Pizza Townline Auto: Laura Schlining 206-506, Grace Wheeler 480.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League — Ed Bailey 605.

Tuesday A.M. Sr. League — Jim Thompson 245-577, Roger Post 562.