Constantino, Kramer Double As Frewsburg Tops Panama

Panama’s Izzy Bailey swims to a win in the 500-yard freestyle. Photo by Debbra Bailey.

PANAMA — Kaylee Constantino and Madison Kramer each won a pair of events to lead Frewsburg to a 100-86 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls swimming win over Panama on Tuesday night.

Constantino won the 200-yard individual medley (2:37.16) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:16.21) while Kramer claimed first in the 100-yard butterfly (1:06.87) and 100-yard backstroke (1:05.44) for the Bears.

Frewsburg also benefited from sweeping the top three spots in the 100-yard breaststroke late in the meet.

Karianne Yuchnitz won the 50-yard freestyle (25.55) and 100-yard freestyle (56.12) for the Panthers.

200y medley relay: Frewsburg (Madison Kramer, Kaylynn Rosequist, Kiah Johnson, Claire Johnson), Panama, Frewsburg. T–2:05.12

Abi Lisciandro attempts one of her dives en route to winning 1-meter diving. Photo by Debbra Bailey.

200y freestyle: Dani Gray (F), Leah Saxton (P), Olivia Eckstrom (F). T–2:15.29

200y individual medley: Kaylee Constantino (F), Willa Anderson (P), Madison Albright (F). T–2:37.16

50y freestyle: Karianne Yuchnitz (P), Kiah Johnson (F), Lauren Barmore (P). T–25.55

1m diving: Abi Lisciandro (P), Claire Heimburg (P), Claire Johnson (F). P–228.37

100y butterfly: Madison Kramer (F), Ava Palmquist (F), Hialeah Johnson (P). T–1:06.87

100y freestyle: Karianne Yuchnitz (P), Kiah Johnson (F), Dani Gray (F). T–56.12

500y freestyle: Izzi Bailey (P), Leah Saxton (P), Riley Chitester (F). T–5:57.39

200y freestyle relay: Panama (Karianne Yuchnitz, Lauren Barmore, Leah Saxton, Izzi Bailey), Frewsburg, Frewsburg. T–1:48.84

100y backstroke: Madison Kramer (F), Abi Bailey (P), Shannon Estus (F). T–1:05.44

100y breaststroke: Kaylee Constantino (F), Kaylynn Rosequist (F), Brianna Rosequist (F). T–1:16.21

400y freestyle relay: Panama (Izzi Bailey, Leah Saxton, Lauren Barmore, Karianne Yuchnitz), Frewsburg, Panama. T–4:04.09


MAYVILLE — Southwestern claimed a 122-63 victory over host Chautauqua Lake behind a trio of double winners and victories in all three relays.

For the Trojans, Natalie Fosberg took the 200-yard and 500-yard freestyle races in times of 2:13.48 and 6:01.59, respectively. Grace Wood claimed the 50-yard freestyle in 26.04 and the 100-yard freestyle in 56.07 while Megan Seeley took home the 100-yard breaststroke (1:15.03) and the 200-yard individual medley (2:24.66).

200y medley relay: Southwestern (Natalie Fosberg, Megan Seeley, Katja Kranzo, Maddy Nelson), Chautauqua Lake, Southwestern. T–2:06.64

200y freestyle: Natalie Fosberg (S), Rosie Hagel (S), Kendra Keyser (CL). T-2:13.48

200y individual medley: Megan Seeley (S), Katja Kranzo (S), Ellie Kreinheder (S). T–2:24.66

50y freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Maddy Nelson (S), Amelia Brown (CL). T-26.04

1m diving: Sara Godfrey (CL), Evelyn Rowan (S), Hope Marshall (CL). P–210.90

100y butterfly: Emily Rybicki (S), Teagan Shedd (S), Jade Shampoe (CL). T–1:10.01

100y freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Sara Godfrey (CL), Amelia Brown (CL). T–56.70

500y freestyle: Natalie Fosberg (S), Rosie Hagel (S), Grace Bukowski (CL). T–6:01.59

200y freestyle relay: Southwestern (Natalie Fosberg, Rosie Hagel, Grace Wood, Emily Rybicki), Chautauqua Lake, Chautauqua Lake. T–1:49.60

100y backstroke: Maddy Nelson (S), Ellie Kreinheder (S), Emily Rybicki (S). T–1:09.35

100y breaststroke: Megan Seeley (S), Katja Kranzo (S), Teagan Shedd (S). T–1:15.03

400y freestyle relay: Southwestern (Grace Wood, Katja Kranzo, Maddy Nelson, Megan Seeley), Chautauqua Lake, Southwestern. T–4:01.54


SALAMANCA — Allegany-Limestone was able to sneak by host Salamanca, 91-88.

The win came courtesy of double wins by Alice Li in the 50-yard freestyle (27.65) and the 100-yard butterfly (1:12.19); as well as Emmy Li in the 100-yard breaststroke (1:29.86) and the 500-yard freestyle (6:04.92).

The visiting Gators took home wins in both the 400-yard and 200-yard freestyle relays.

200y medley relay: Salamanca, Allegany-Limestone, Salamanca B. T–2:12.11

200y freestyle: Marijayne Schwartz (S), Meghan Brink (A-L), Jordan Ray (S). T–2:22.82

200y individual medley: Rochelle Bish (S), Gabby Sanzo (A-L), Kamryn Cook (S). T–2:46.10

50y freestyle: Alice Li (A-L), Mushirah Sheppard (S), Kelsey Shea (A-L). T–27.65

1m diving: Kamryn Cook (S), Sheppard (S), Ray (S). P–181.5

100y butterfly: Alice Li (A-L), Emma Brown (S), Baylee Klusek (S). T–1:12.19

100y freestyle: Gabby Sanzo (A-L), Jayla Rasha (S), Kaihalla George (S). T–1:05.82

500y freestyle: Emmy Li (A-L), Nicole Marra (A-L), Audrianna Taylor (S). T–6:04.92

200y freestyle relay: Allegany-Limestone, Allegany-Limestone. T–2:11.49

100y backstroke: Meghan Brink (A-L), Schwartz (S), Baylee Klusek (S). T–1:13.98

100y breaststroke: Emmy Li (A-L), Bish (S), Rasha (S). T–1:29.86

400y freestyle relay: Allegany-Limestone, Salamanca, Salamanca. T–4:21.68


ORCHARD PARK — Allison Stockwell began her junior swimming season on a high note for Jamestown.

Stockwell placed first in the 100-yard butterfly (1:01.96) and 100-yard backstroke (1:04.29) to qualify for the Section VI championships in both events as the Red Raiders lost to Orchard Park, 136-45, in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 action.

Jamestown junior Emily Spitz reached sectional cuts with a 2:12.69 in the 200-yard freestyle and a 5:51.06 in the 500-yard freestyle.

Junior Grace Osborne had a 2:35.99 in the 200-yard individual medley and a 1:09.17 in the 100-yard butterfly to qualify for sectionals.

Freshman Sophia Simons’ 6:20.89 in the 500-yard freestyle was also good enough for sectionals.

200y medley relay: Orchard Park (EMikula, JFilipski, SConley, KJones), Orchard Park, Jamestown. T–1:56.01

200y freestyle: KBray (OP), MCarrig (OP), MBouton (OP). T–2:05.79

200y individual medley: SConley (OP), EBlake (OP), BChoroser (OP). T–2:19.27

100y breaststroke: ISapio (OP). EMikulec (OP), S. Russo (J). T–1:13.01

400y freestyle relay: Orchard Park (EMikulec, AMcCune, SConley, MCarrig), Orchard Park, Orchard Park. T–3:49.96

50y freestyle: MFischer (OP), HDueringer (OP), AMcCune (OP). T–26.34

1m diving: CJantzi (OP), EHeppner (OP), MGraham (J). P–199.43

100y butterfly: Stockwell (J), PSalmon (OP), ISapio (OP). T–1:01.96

100y freestyle: SConley (OP), MFischer (OP), AMcClintock (OP). T–55.70

500y freestyle: MCarrig (OP), PSalmon (OP), LBray (OP). T–5:43.06

200y freestyle relay: Orchard Park (PDuffy, ERiccio, RChoroser, JFilipski), Orchard Park, Jamestown. T–1:49.64

100y backstroke: Stockwell (J), KJones (OP), ERiccio (OP). T–1:04.29