Swimming Tradition Continues On Lake

A 57- year tradition continued Tuesday as junior members of the Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club participated in the annual swim-across-the-lake event. The swim normally takes place in Lakewood, starting at the opposite shore of the club. However, due to the presence of algae found at Lakewood Beach this year, the swim was held at the northern end of the lake, where the water quality has been tested to be clean and safe. Each swimmer was accompanied by a spotter in a canoe, kayak, or jet ski. The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s department helped to monitor boat traffic during the swim. The kids, who were 6-13, swam more than a mile across the width of the lake. The annual swim is sponsored by CLYC’s Junior Program, and is a much-anticipated rite of summer. Many people who began the swim more than 50 years ago now watch as their grandchildren join in the tradition. The Junior Program at CLYC is a six-week summer camp with a primary focus on sailing and swimming skills, with rowing, knots and safety awareness also taught. Above, in the first row, from the left, are swimmers Liam Welge, Annika Russell, Will Cook, Kate Meadows, Ingrid Russell, Philip Meyer, Jack Slater, Lucy Colburn and Alex Cook. Missing is Molly Colburn. In the back row are camp counselors Chase Stevenson, Autumn Bertges, Victoria Smith, Tori Lineweaver, Hanna Frankenberger, Sebby Turner and Cameron Turner.

Submitted photo