County’s Finest

Gostomskis Shine On Opening Day In Dunkirk

Southwestern’s Jared Yaggie runs the 400-meter preliminaries Friday at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Track & Field Championships in Dunkirk. Photo by Roger Coda

DUNKIRK — Abby and Bailey Gostomski of Cattaraugus-Little Valley were both winners Friday during the first day of competition at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Track & Field Championships at Dunkirk High School.

Abby Gostomski took the top spot in the 800-meter run with a clocking of 2:21.60 right in front of Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Kylee Odell, who was second with a time of 2:23.15.

Bailey Gostomski claimed the title in the 3,000-meter run (10:36.71), edging out Maple Grove’s Christina Peppy, who crossed the line in second (10:45.98).

Other girls winners Friday were Dunkirk’s Emilee Hanlon in the high jump (5-0), Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Kylie Schnars in the long jump (15-4¢) and Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Amber Morrison in the discus throw (113-0).

In boys action, Kellen Martin of Cattaraugus-Little Valley continued his tremendous spring, winning the triple jump (42-07§), finishing just ahead of Portville’s Jack Hilyer (41-07).

Chautauqua Lake’s J.C. McCroskey hands the baton to teammate Evan Blakeslee during the 400-meter relay at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Track & Field Championships on Friday in Dunkirk. Photo by Roger Coda

Frewsburg’s Drew Pownall came through with the best time in the 800-meter run (1:59.79), Maple Grove’s Michael Peppy was the champ in the 3,200-meter run (9:42.15) and teammate Brad Benson had the best height in the pole vault (12-6).

Drew Jackson of Franklinville came away with a win in the shot put (42-2).


800m: Abby Gostomski (C-LV), Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Jaylah Cossin (SC), Sydney Swan (Fred), Breah Orlando (So), Kristin Kelemen (MG), Katie Pacy (C/S/P), Sofia Fortuna (A-L), Izzy Penhollow (A-L), Hannah Lillie (So). T — 2:21.60.

3,000m: Bailey Gostomski (C-LV), Christina Peppy (MG), Gracie Auer (MG), Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Hannah Lillie (So), Mackenzie Gratto (C/S/P), Daisy League (SC), Hannah Sullivan (So), Emily Rohrs (A-L), Ellie Decker (SC). T — 10:36.71.

High jump: Emilee Hanlon (D), Marina Miketish (O), Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Faith Rivera (D), Claire Stokes (Fred), Gianna Hoose (So) and Karianne Yuchnitz (C/S/P) and Bethany Miller (P), Nicole Wise (Fra), Aubin Cotter (So) and Ashley Beckwith (C/S/P). H — 5-0.

Long jump: Kyle Schnars (C/S/P), Marisa Schuppenhauer (MG), Abby Gostomski (C-LV), Faith Rivera (D), Logan Fredrickson (Fra), Aubin Cotter (So), Lexi Alexander (F/CV), Sarah Russin (CL), Marina Miketish (O), Lexi Latona (G). D — 15-4Ç.

Discus: Amber Morrison (F/CV), Nicole Johnson (C/S/P), Gianna Hoose (So), Emily Rybicki (So), Grace Lillie (So), Lauren Kluck (Fred), Kelsey Wilber (A-L), Abigail Manelick (So), Kourtney Leeper (R), Michaela Barringer (C/S/P). D — 113-0.


800m: Drew Pownall (Frew), Diego Rey (Fred), Henry Sullivan (C/S/P), Devyn Chase (C/S/P), Andrew Young (F/CV), Eddie Scroxton (So), Frank Colburn (MG), John Swabik (C/S/P), Alex Jodush (O), Derrick Dean (P). T — 1:59.79.

3,200m: Michael Peppy (MG), Dagon Bryant (So), Matthew Evans (R), Pete Auer (MG), Joshua Johnson (Fred), Henry Sullivan (C/S/P), Tony Vezina (So), Ben DePerna (F/CV), Connor Hudson (F/CV), Devyn Chase (C/S/P). T — 9:42.15.

Pole vault: Brad Benson (MG), Joshua Janicki (CL), Hayden Conroy (Fra), Sabien Smith (D) and Zach Carlson (P), Jeremiah Shoup (Sa), Grant Fox (O), Shane Lindquist (A-L), Michael Grey (C-LV), Hunter Teboe (F/CV) and Sam Filbert (A-L) and Brady Hil (C-LV). H — 12-6.

Triple jump: Kellen Martin (C-LV), Jack Hilyer (P), Nick Decerbo (O), Lake Sivak (So), Henry Jakubczak (R), Carson Crist (MG), Derek Miller (So), Devin Eddy (D), Mitchell Hovey (C/S/P), Josh Swabik (C/S/P). D — 42-7å.

Shot put: Drew Jackson (Fra), Sully Tellado (O), Michael Nye (A-L), Austin Elliott (P), Mathew Waugh (P), Nate Shuart (Fred), Jake Guerra (Fred), Darius Williams (O), Nick Fabrizio (MG), Collin Cook (So). D — 42-2.