Olean Trims Panama In Epic Meet

OLEAN  — The swim meet came down to the final event, the 400 freestyle relay, where Olean placed first to defeat Panama, 94-89, in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association action Tuesday.

Members of the winning team for Olean were Logan Cross, Nathan Andera, Ryan Brown and Seth Farrand who were timed in 3:37.02.

”This was one of the best dual meets I have ever coached and been a part of,” said Panama coach Todd Conklin.  ”These boys came in and swam fantastic, they really wanted it.  The best thing about this meet was it was a complete team effort and the boys stuck together.

Patrick Yuchnitz of Panama remained undefeated in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:09. Teammate Austin Strong doubled in the 200 freestyle (2:00.31) and the 500 freestyle (5:26.15).

Brown and Farrand were double winners for Olean with Brown taking the 100 butterfly (59.58) and the 200 individual medley (2:19.22) and Farrand claiming the 100 freestyle (48.03) and the 50 freestyle (22.11).

200-yard medley relay: Olean (Nathan Andera, Ryan Brown, Logan Cross, Seth Farrand), Panama, Olean. T–1:50.4.

200 freestyle: Austin Strong (P), Elliot Johnson (P), R.J. Helt (P). T–2:00.31.

200 individual medley: Ryan Brown (O), Andera (O), Brian Kayes (P). T–2:19.22.

50 freestyle: Seth Farrand (O), Justin Wiemer (P), Cole Manwaring. T–22.11.

Diving: Logan Cross (O), Gage Farrington (O), David Marshall (P). P–245.6.

100 butterfly: Ryan Brown (O), Manwring (P). Joel Vollmer (P). T–59.58.

100 freestyle: Farrand (O), Patrick Yuchnitz (P), Wiemer (P). T–48.03.

500 freestyle: Strong (P), Mark Brown (O), Elliot Johnson (P). T–5:26.15.

200 freestyle relay:  Panama A (Yuchnitz, Manwaring, Strong, Wiemer), Olean A, Panama B.  T   — 1:40.87.

100 backstroke:  Andera (O), Jake Carlson (P), Burke Whitcomb (O).  T  — 1:05.49.

100 breaststroke:  Yuchnitz (P), Brian Kayes (P), Gage Farrington (O).  T   — 1:09.

400 freestyle relay:  Olean A(Cross, Andera, Brown, Farrand), Olean B, Panama A.  T   — 3:37.02.



DUNKIRK — Cole Gregory and Drew Pownall were double winners as Frewsburg-Southwestern recorded its first win of the season by beating Dunkirk-Fredonia, 101-74.

Gregory placed first in the 200 individual medley (2:17.77) and the 500 freestyle (5:33.09) while Pownall captured the 50 freestyle (24;27) and the 100 breaststroke (1:11.73).

Overall, the Bears won eight of the 12 events.

200 medley relay: Frewsburg-Southwestern (Cooper Thomas, Drew Pownall, Cole Gregory, Jacob Rhodes), Dunkirk-Fredonia, FS.  T  — 1:54.70.

200 freestyle: Nate McDonald (FS), Matthew Zeverbergen (DF),  Eston Shedd (FS). T   — 2:02,72.

200 individual medley:  Cole Gregory (FS), Joshua Saye (DF), Jacob Rhodes (FS).  T  — 2:17.77.

50 freestyle:Pownall (FS), Tyler Donahue (DF), Matthew Brockelbank (DF).  T   — 24:27.

Diving:  Tyler Ridout (FS), Nick Mason (FS).  Pts.  — 215.47.

100 butterfly:  Matthew Zeverburgen (DF), McDonald (FS), Ronan Murphy (DF),  T — 1;03.42.

100 freestyle:  Donohue (DF), Thomas (FS), Shedd (FS). T  — 54.71.

500 freestyle:  Gregory (FS), Zachary Gifford (FS), Aaron Pacos (DF).  T   — 5:33.09.

200 freestyle relay:  FS (Pownall, Thomas, McDonald, Gregory), DF, FS.  T   — 1:41.20.

100 backstroke:  Saye (DF), Thomas (FS), Rhodes (FS).  T   — 1:03.58.

100 breaststroke:  Pownall (FS), Brockelbank (DF), Andrew Tibbetts (FS).  T   — 1:11.73.

400 freestyle relay  DF (Zeverburgen, Donahue, Saye, Brockelbank), FS, DF.  T   — 3:51.72.


ANGOLA  — Brothers Brennan and Joseph Roehmholdt excelled for Jamestown High School in an Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 meet.

The Roehmholdts were double winners as the Red Raiders (3-5, 4-5) downed Lake Shore, 116-68.

Brennan Roehmholdt won the 200 individual relay (2:29.58) and the 100 backstroke (1:03.67) while Joseph Roehmholdt took the 200 freestyle (2:06.46 and the 500 freestyle (5:38.67).

Matthew Roehmholdt also won the 100 freestyle (56.63) for Jamestown.

Alex Headley doubled for Lake Shore, taking the 50 freestyle (23.75) and the 100 breaststroke (1:08.04).

200 medley relay:  Jamestown (Beck Anderson, Matthew Roehmholdt, Brennan Roehmholdt, Kyle Dean), Lake Shore, Jamestown,  T   — 1:56.27.

200 freestyle: Joseph Roehmholdt (J), Greg Oakes (J),  Devin Bauer (LS),  T   — 2:06,46.

200 individual medley: Brennan Roehmholdt (J), Philup Harris (J), Blake Terry (J).  T  — 2:29.58.

50 freestyle:  Alex Headley (LS), M. Roehmholdt (J), B. Anderson (J).  T   — 23,75.

Diving:  Casey Risinski (LS), Alexis Aversa (J), Gavin Mendell (LS).  Pts. —  220,20.

100 butterfly:  Kevin Schanbacher (LS), B. Anderson (J), Harris (J).  T   — 1:02,47.

100 freestyle: M, Roehmholdt (J), Dean (J), Baher (LS).  T   –56.63.

500 freestyle:  J,. Roehmholdt (J), Oakes (J), Jacob Anderson (J),  T   — 5:38.67.

200 freestyle relay:  Lake Shore (Headley, Adam D’Nnoented, Max Micaled, Kevin Schanbacher), Jamestown, Jamestown. T   –1:47.06.

100 backstroke: B. Roehmholdt (J), Dean (J), Joe Wasiewski (LS).  T — 1:03.67.

100 breaststroke: Headley (LS), Scovh (LS), Drew Laurin (J),  T   –1:08.04.

400 freestyle relay:  Jamestown (M. Roehmholdt, Beck Anderson, Dean, B. Roehmholdt), Jamestown, Lake Shore. T  — 4:11.75.