Frewsburg Bowlers Continue To Roll

FREWSBURG — The boys and girls from Frewsburg were able to come up with 4-0 bowling sweeps over Clymer-Sherman in the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Associaton Tuesday afternoon at Frewsburg Lanes.

The undefeated Frewsburg boys (32-0)  rolled games of 800-780-829-2,409 and were led by Josh Snow with a 193-166-206-565 and Devon Warner with a 157-187-344.

High for Clymer-Sherman (1-27) was Heath Reed with a 137-361 and  Sam Gangemi with a 131-354 as the Pirates rolled a 530-525-482-1,537. Nicholas Mendoza had an 81 triplicate for the Clymer-Sherman.

The Frewsburg girls (22-6) had games of 649-550-526-1,695 in raising their record to 26-6. They were led by Emily Zamborik with a 175-148-154-477, Bryanna Warner with a 185-154-135-474 and  Shelby Snow with a 159-144-144-447.

Clymer-Sherman (1-19) had games of 408-482-433-1,323. Leading the way was Sara Holthouse with a 126-119-94-437.



Phil Narraway rolled a 518 and Dakota Fisher a 509 to lead the Forestville boys to a 4-0 win over Randolph (5-23) at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Forestville put together games of 851-868-803-2,522 compared to Randolph’s 603-772-727-2,102.

Tyler Rowley hit a 511 for Randolph.

The Randolph girls raised their record to 13-7 with a 3-1 victory over Forestville thanks to singles of 559-510-544-1,613.  The Lady Hornets had 524-541-532-1,597.

Sarah Nieman had a 491 and Lydia Gozdalski a 432 to pace Randolph while Ashley Forbes had a 434 for Forestville.