Falconer Retains No. 1 Small School Ranking

Falconer retained its No. 1 Small School ranking and Golden Falcons 145-pounder Dylan Ingrao claimed the top spot at 145 pounds as the Wrestling Review of Western New York released its Week 4 rankings Sunday.

Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Panama sophomore Austin Bourgeois is the new No. 1 wrestler at 120 pounds. Fredonia junior Hector Colom remained No. 1 at 132 pounds and Maple Grove senior Trevor Micek stayed at No. 1 at 170 pounds.

Randolph freshman Marcus Evans moved up to No. 2 at 106 pounds and Fredonia freshman Dalton Gardner improved to No. 2 at 113 pounds. Gowanda senior David Poff moved is the new No. 2 at 120 pounds after switching weight classes from a week ago. Dunkirk/Silver Creek senior Billy Seiders also changed weight classes and is now No. 2 at 138 pounds. Southwestern junior stayed at No. 2 at 152 pounds while Falconer senior Cameron Page dropped to No. 2 at 160 pounds. Falconer junior Corey Keefe stayed at No. 2 at 182 pounds and Dunkirk/Silver Creek senior Nick Jones remained No. 2 at 285 pounds.

Maple Grove junior Shane Hetrick moved up to No. 3 at 113 pounds while Falconer junior Dan Torres remained No. 3 at 152 pounds. At 220 pounds, Lakewood resident Mason Hoose — who wrestles for Canisius — fell to No. 3.

Local honorable-mention selections include Jamestown senior Cody Pool (113 pounds), Randolph junior Matt Evans (126 pounds), Fredonia sophomore Giovani Russo (126 pounds), Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Panama sophomore Derek Ecklund (132 pounds), Dunkirk/Silver Creek senior Alton Ingram (170 pounds), Falconer sophomore Robbie Penhollow (170 pounds), Jamestown junior Noah Turzillo (220 pounds) and Randolph junior Nick Becker (285 pounds).

Maple Grove senior AJ Putt is listed as injured reserve at 126 pounds and Falconer senior Jacob Peru is on injured reserve at 182 pounds.

Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Panama is the fifth-ranked Small School team with Fredonia at No. 6 and Randolph at No. 9.

Other top-ranked individuals include Clarence freshman Aiden Rabideau (99 pounds), Lancaster junior Parker Rozler (106 pounds), Niagara Wheatfield freshman Justin McDougald (113 pounds), Niagara Falls freshman Willie McDougald (126 pounds), Depew/Cleveland Hill senior Phil Calandra (138 pounds), Lockport senior Steven Kapuscinski (152 pounds), Eden senior Sawyer Overhoff (160 pounds), Niagara Wheatfield senior Matt Cicco (182 pounds), Lake Shore senior Lawrence Jenkins (195 pounds), Olean senior Jordan McLaughlin (220 pounds) and Lewiston-Porter senior Laith Alsous (285 pounds).



1. Lancaster; 2. Clarence; 3. Lockport; 4. Niagara Wheatfield; 5. Grand Island; 6. St. Joe’s; 7. Iroquois; 8. Williamsville North; 9. Hamburg; 10. Lake Shore


1. Falconer; 2. Pioneer; 3. Olean; 4. Newfane; 5. Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Panama; 6. Fredonia; 7. Cheektowaga; 8. Depew/Cleveland Hill; 9. Randolph; 10. Akron


99: 1. Aiden Rabideau (Clarence-9); 2. Tyler Bartolomei (North Tonawanda-10); 3. Antoine Walker (Clarence-9); HM. Steven Bachman (Grand Island-11), Jake Harry (Lancaster-11), Andy Lucinski (Newfane-8)

106: 1. Parker Rozler (Lancaster-11); 2. Marcus Evans (Randolph-9); 3. Mike Catanzaro (Williamsville North-8); HM. Nick Bierfelt (Olean-10), Doug Ciszak (Pioneer-11), Ryan Forrest (Hamburg-9)

113: 1. Justin McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield-9); 2. Dalton Gardner (Fredonia-9); 3. Shane Hetrick (Maple Grove-11); HM. Colby Petrie (Medina-9), Cody Pool (Jamestown-12), Mitch Seaver (Lockport-12)

120: 1. Austin Bourgeois (Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Panama-10); 2. David Poff (Gowanda-12); 3. Matt Genau (Williamsville South-12); HM. Zach Braddell (Tonawanda-10), Dontay Gill (Lockport-12), Luciano Orsene (West Seneca West-12)

126: 1. Willie McDougald (Niagara Falls-9); 2. Nick Kozlowski (Portville-12); 3. Johnny Putney (East Aurora-10); HM. Brent Bachman (Roy-Hart/Barker-12), Matt Evans (Randolph-11), Giovani Russo (Fredonia-10); Injured Reserve. AJ Putt (Maple Grove-12)

132: 1. Hector Colom (Fredonia-11); 2. Jake DeWolf (Niagara Wheatfield-10); 3. Warren McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield-10); HM. Zach Brown (Newfane-11), Derek Ecklund (Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Panama-10), Jake Vergien (Iroquois-10)

138: 1. Phil Calandra (Depew/Cleveland Hill-12); 2. Billy Seiders (Dunkirk/Silver Creek-12); 3. Adam Daghestani (Grand Island-9); HM. Cory Day (Iroquois-10), Charlie Johnstone (Newfane-10), Jacob Page (Eden-12)

145: 1. Dylan Ingrao (Falconer-11); 2. Johnny Fiebelkorn (Akron-11); 3. Connor Day (Iroquois-12); HM. Kyle Jirak (Pioneer-12), Brian Ghiandoni (Starpoint-12), Katrell Jackson (Cheektowaga-12)

152: 1. Steve Kapuscinski (Lockport-12); 2. Giuseppe Hoose (Southwestern-11); 3. Dan Torres (Falconer-11); HM. Logan Kent (North Tonawanda-11), Icar Simon (Olean-10), Brandon Simonson (Amherst-11)

160: 1. Sawyer Overhoff (Eden-12); 2. Cameron Page (Falconer-12); 3. Eric Bartnik (Cheektowaga-12); HM. Blake Aina (Albion-12), Keegen Belleisle (Olean-11), Garrett House (St. Joe’s-11)

170: 1. Trevor Micek (Maple Grove-12); 2. Jacob Smeader (Hamburg-12); 3. Nick Martone (St. Joe’s-12); HM. Alton Ingram (Dunkirk/Silver Creek-12), Robbie Penhollow (Falconer-10), Jake Sarow (Akron-11)

182: 1. Matt Cicco (Niagara Wheatfield-12); 2. Corey Keefe (Falconer-11); 3. Joe Andreessen (Lancaster-11); HM. Steven Daskavitz (Lockport-11), Dillon Knoll (Hamburg-12), Brad Straw (Sweet Home-12). Injured Reserve. Jacob Peru (Falconer-12)

195: 1. Lawrence Jenkins (Lake Shore-12); 2. Tyler Smith (Pioneer-12); 3. Freddie Nixon (St. Joe’s-12); HM. Ian Baker (Springville-12), Veysal Muktasimov (North Tonawanda-12), Christian Rider (Clarence-12)

220: 1. Jordan McLaughlin (Olean-12); 2. Anthony Robinson (Starpoint-11); 3. Mason Hoose (Canisius-12); HM. Justin Hall (Niagara Wheatfield-12), Mason Mastrangelo (Lancaster-12), Noah Turzillo (Jamestown-11)

285: 1. Laith Alsous (Lewiston-Porter-12); 2. Nick Jones (Dunkirk/Silver Creek-12); 3. Shaerod Rodgers (Lake Shore-12); HM. Nick Becker (Randolph-11), Jaquan Johnson (Grand Island-11), Sean Kloss (Clarence-12)