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74 days ago.
by oldlady

No School Buses

Where my house is i live exactly 1.7 miles to Persell and 1.5 miles to Washington middle. My daughter goes to Persell, I love the school but its to far to walk. In the nice weather its fine but in the winter its horrible. I think there should be a limited bus service, say kids would only have to walk a few blocks to catch the bus on a main road. It wouldn't have to be year round December- March are the worst months. How much can that really cost? were talking about 3-4 buses tops. I do pay school taxes, i would rather my child doesn't get frost bite over getting a new A/C system for a school that is closed in the really hot months anyway. i am not expert on the matter but it really needs brung to someones attention that is.


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Get parents to sign petitions, go to school board meetings in groups and frequently (remember to get yourself on the agenda before). Be persistent, make phone calls, call local politicians, demand newspaper coverage, use social media in a big way. It won't work unless you have the right last name but it will give you a clear understanding how the process should work. That is what's known as education.

Posted 74 days ago.

Do they bus kids from Appleyard Court?

Posted 365 days ago.


I think this is one of the most reasonable ideas I have heard in a long time and I would strongly tell parents to keep on it until something is done!

Posted 1167 days ago.


I would love to see some sort of school bus system in this city. I had kids in this school system a few years back and walking across the third street bridge in winter is just flat out dangerous, but I guess this is an issue like everything else, someone who has position and authority child gets hit or killed by a motorist then we get school buses.

Posted 1281 days ago.

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