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815 days ago.
by JaketheRealist

Remove Tag-Days from Schools

Isn't it time to remove this practice from our school systems? Doesn't it seem hypocrytical to teach thousands of children that it is alright to beg for free money to play games, get new costumes, then tell them not to go on welfare services and to get a job? The excuse that they must beg for money for activities is ridiculous when the same schools are spending $30,000.00 for light up signs.


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The average teacher salary in Jamestown City School District is $45,742. ***********teachersalaryinfo****/

Considering these are the individuals who are working to create out future brain trust, spend a large percentage of their day working with undisciplined, uncooperative children (predisposed behavior brought on by poor parenting) I don't think 45K is an awful lot of money. Many of these teachers do not end their day at 4pm.... they often bring work home physically, mentally and emotionally. My daughter comes from a family of teachers, their job is not so easy. Teaching is one of the noble professions and should be remunerated as such.

Posted 815 days ago.


Not sure what teachers are making big bucks, that you speak of...

Posted 1163 days ago.


They need to quit begging in front of wal-mart every time i go shopping. whatever happened to car washes, mowing lawns, raking leaves? Instead they have to beg, when teachers are making big bucks.

Posted 1265 days ago.

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