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900 days ago.
by critix

JHS student drop-offs

I drive up Foote Avenue by the high school every weekday morning and get held up in traffic because parents are stopping in the street to drop their children off. It is not unusual to wait for 3 traffic light changes to get to the corner of Foote and 2nd Street and turn left. When my sons attended the high school, I dropped them off across from the post office on third street so that I would not hold up traffic on Foote Avenue. In the winter it's even more difficult to stop and start on Foote Avenue hill. It doesn't hurt these kids to walk one block to school. Also, there are several students parking in the lot across from the high school and walk across the road in front of traffic instead of crossing at the traffic light.


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people are afraid to let the air hurt their kid. a shame. let em walk. good for em.

Posted 900 days ago.


Unfortunately this activity of closer drops offs than you did stem from the intention of parents trying to give their kids a "better" childhood than they had growing up. It's a selfish, inconsiderate interest, and part of many peoples idea of "the American Dream".

Posted 1229 days ago.

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