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490 days ago.
by FoodStampChamp

Posts: 1 - With over 60,000 comments on the Post Journal's website in the past two years, I think it's only appropriate that I, with 2.3% of them, start the first forum post ever. Nice addition to the site.

771 days ago.
by nytx33
What the USA was really built on

Posts: 1 - We are les to believe that this country ( and the world) was built on freedom. Those freedoms have left us all greedy.

813 days ago.
by JaketheRealist
Remove Tag-Days from Schools

Posts: 3 - Isn't it time to remove this practice from our school systems? Doesn't it seem hypocrytical to teach thousands of children that it is alright to beg for free money to play games, get new costumes,...

813 days ago.
by JaketheRealist
Area children destroying neighborhood

Posts: 1 - I dont understand why some children are left to do as they please without any supervision. Lately a couple of people moved to the area with several children. These kids are left to do as they please.

1600 days ago.
by edgar7
New Director of Prendergast Library has a horrid history

Posts: 0 - Take time to do a thorough and exhaustive internet search of the name Linda Mielke and you will see a woman who has betrayed librarianship, betrayed librarians, and dumbed down entire collections...

THE CALCIUM FACTOR The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Calcium

Posts: 0 - Raw materials of calcium can also be absorbed from the following sources: Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Collards, Turnip Greens, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beans, Lentils, Nuts, Figs, Dairy Products, Salmon...

1706 days ago.
by holly10berry
Save money on electric bill

Posts: 0 - A few months ago I signed on as a customer with a company called Ambit Energy through National Grid (my electric provider) and it's worked out well.

1746 days ago.
by greenpanther
Where have all the plows gone ?????

Posts: 0 - WOW ...Can someone tell me where all the plows were this morning. I head to work around 5:30 and no plows out this morning, hard a real hard time going anywere on Baker St. Lets see...

Weitsman scrapyard location

Posts: 0 - In response to the gentleman from Kennedy that feels that the scrap yard located on 8th St should petition Jamestown for a location in one of the industrial districts already establishe.

2018 days ago.
by Johnclave
Attack on breast cancer research

Posts: 0 - I will start by saying that I was born and raised in Jamestown (JHS 61) and both of my parents were life long Jamestown residents.

2047 days ago.
by Soderberg
Foote Ave & Main St Intersection Needs to Go!

Posts: 0 - Is Jamestown doing away with the lane merge at the Foote Ave and Main St intersection? I'm talking about when you're heading towards the bridge on Foote Ave.

Christmas Spirit Still Survives

Posts: 0 - My family understood that present-exchanging would be limited this year. Some presents would have to wait until my next paycheck.