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When We Truly Find That Place Within, We Will Not Physically, Emotionally Rape

April 21, 2013
By Marshall Greenstein, M.A. (

Rape. This heinous act of violence has been recorded throughout history. Generally, we view this as a man-woman experience yet more in depth reporting has expanded that dominant feature to include man-man and even woman to man, woman to woman in a broader context. In its most simplistic and fundamental form, rape is defined as any forcible-violent act upon an unwilling person who is ultimately victimized. A radical yet cogent perspective that complements physical violence upon a victim includes emotional and mental abuse. Harassment, bullying and tormenting, for example, is a form of rape. Though sex may be omitted, liken to a rape where the victim say ''no,'' so too, when the victim says ''stop'' or expresses a similar strong sentiment of discontinuation to a bully, its injurious effect is comparable to a rape victim's trauma.



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