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In Years Past

October 13, 2012
The Post-Journal
  • In 1912, during the season of 1912, the Cricket Club of Jamestown Worsted Mills played 10 scheduled games, winning eight and losing two. John Woodhead led in batting, with an average of 20.25 runs an inning, in the regularly scheduled games and 14.75 runs an inning in all games in which each of the opposing teams had a full eleven. James Thorpe led in bowling in the regularly scheduled games, taking an average of one wicket for every 2.67 runs but as he only took part in one game, his showing was not considered.
  • Commissioner E.T. Kimball was just completing a busy year's work on the highway of the town of Poland. Every year marked a decided advance and though perfection was hard to reach with dirt roads, the commissioner's work had received high commendation from state and county authorities and town residents were delighted with the present era of highway management. The construction work which was completed in September included two large cement bridges, the longest ones in the county made by purely local officials. The Poland Center bridge was 32-by-42 feet and the Sohermerhorn bridge 36-by-22 feet and with approaches and retaining walls represent a large amount of work and were a source of pride and satisfaction to the town.
  • In 1937, when Florenz Ziegfeld 30 years previously conceived a show based on what he was pleased to call, "glorifying the American girl," he created a standard that Lee and J.J. Shubert, theatrical tycoons, were maintaining in the Ziegfeld Follies, which after a season in New York and Chicago and on tour, would play Shea's Theater in Jamestown on Friday, Oct. 23. Ziegfeld set out to scour and sift the beauty markets of the United States and Europe for the loveliest girls in the world. That he succeeded was manifest.
  • In the drawing for positions on the voting machine at the Jamestown city elections on Nov. 2, held at Mayville this day b y the county board of election commissioners, the Good Government party ticket headed by Councilman Harry C. Erickson for mayor won top position with the Citizens ticket headed by Harry J. Holyrod, second, and the Progressive ticket, headed by Leon F. Roberts, third.
  • In 1962, no longer was Allegheny Airlines flying DC-3 aircraft on its Buffalo-Jamestown-Pittsburgh route. The airline's last operating DC-3 made its final trip several days ago and was parked at the Hagerstown, Md., airport while the airlines tries to sell it and six other out-of-use DC-3s. A Martin 202 aircraft was operating on the Buffalo-Pittsburgh route. Allegheny intended in the next two years to switch its operations of piston-type aircraft to the Convair 440. The airline was continuing to explore the use of jet-type aircraft on its system after a successful experiment with Convair aircraft fitted with Napier jet-prop engines.
  • A Fredonia mother and her 12-year-old son escaped serious injury from a gas explosion which occurred Friday morning while they were attempting to move a kitchen stove in their home near the intersection of Bennett Road and Route 20. Earl Dailous Jr. escaped with minor burns on one hand while his mother, Mrs. Gina Dailous, was uninjured by the blast which occurred while they were moving the stove away from the wall preparatory to cleaning it. It was believed that, in moving the stove, the supply tubing was ruptured, allowing gas to escape, and that this was ignited by the pilot light.
  • In 1987, downtown Elmira had made a turnaround in two years from days of economic depression to growing security. Paul O. Umbach, the executive director of Elmira Downtown Development, came to Jamestown to share ideas on improving city business districts with the Downtown Jamestown Development Corp. Umbach and Samuel Teresi, director of the Jamestown business group, spent the previous afternoon touring Jamestown. Two years ago, Umbach noted, Elmira's unemployment rate was 10.5 percent. In 1987 it was slightly more than 3 percent. "We lead New York state in economic recovery," he said. "We lead New York state in the creation of manufacturing jobs."
  • Daredevil John David Munday, who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel two years previously and shot the rapids of the turbulent lower Niagara River over the weekend, had turned himself in to authorities. Munday strode into the Niagara Parks Police office at 7:30 p.m. He was charged with unlawfully performing a stunt and trespassing, said Gordon Kindy, parks police spokesman. He faced a court date on Nov. 12. Munday rode the rapids in a barrel Sunday morning and later in the day told Niagara Parks Police that he would turn himself in the next day.


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