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From The Editor

January 25, 2012
Happy New Year! I don’t spend a ton of time making resolutions but I do like the idea of starting fresh. This year for Christmas our family received a lot of new games. I love playing games! I was pretty excited to “freshen” up our collection with a bunch that I had never even heard of. Candyland and Memory were getting a little stale.

I tend to be slightly competitive and so is my husband, who does not share the same affinity for board games as I do but still gets roped into playing often. Our kids came straight from our gene pool and have had many early lessons on how to be a gracious winner and loser! One of those lessons has been much harder to learn.

At any rate, I appreciate what game playing does for people. It is a connector. My husband and I will chat over a card game and we share special moments laughing with the kids when we circle around a board game almost every night after dinner. Our extended family and friends join in the fun too. We spent time over the holidays playing games with so many different people that are in our lives. Games have an effect that reach beyond the moment. They give people a chance to learn about one another, laugh together and span generational gaps, which in turn really create memories that last a lifetime.

I had to smile when I read Pat Webdale’s article, “Kidding Around,” because she talked about her love for all things toy related. She discussed her disregard for her own age and ability to dive right into the world of fun and games. This has given her special opportunities with her family and friends. I was able to relate because we share a similar enjoyment of those things but it got me thinking about how spending time around a table just to “play,” no matter what our age, is kind of becoming a thing of the past.

I think 2012 is a great time to start playing more games! Does this sound silly? I just believe the resolution to enjoy more time together with family and friends might just be easier to accomplish if we turn off the television, stay at home and invite the neighbors over for a game of cards. Ask your family to come for dinner and a game night! I bet we will all be surprised by how enlightening it can be when we share time with those we care about playing a good game every once in awhile!

Have fun!

Kirsten Johnson

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