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Wasps are nature’s master architects

November 26, 2011
By Robert M. Ungerer , The Post-Journal

Most of us would decline an invitation to meet the inhabitants of the nest pictured with this article. This nest of a feared insect, a species of social wasp, was discovered by my contractor, John, while he was on my roof repairing storm windows this fall. These wasps never pestered me or my family, fortunately, because the sting of the female is notoriously painful. A typical wasp, including the yellow jacket which visits picnics, is one-half to one inch long with a narrow waist, large abdomen, compound eyes, six legs, four wings and two antennae. Wasps are vegetarians eating nectar and fruit juices but they are fierce predators of other insects which they feed to their larva (young). The wasp throat is so narrow it can swallow only liquids, not pieces of insects or caterpillars.



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