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Residents Of Jamestown: We Can Help Stop Crime

July 4, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: I have been listening to friends and neighbors as well as reading Facebook postings lately about how tired our residents are of the crime in our city....

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Jul-09-14 7:49 AM

LUCKY you're right,the people don't come here for the generous handouts,they come here for the weather,the great economic opportunities,and to contribute to society in a positive way,just like they do in Dunkirk!

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Jul-08-14 10:44 AM

I spoke with a woman that grew up in a small city such as Jamestown. She told me that she was able to go back for a visit to that area this past spring. She also told me it was as nice as when she was growing up and that it was due to the people of that city deciding they were tired of the riffraff and crime that had move into the city so the took serious steps to get rid of it and now it is pretty much a closed city and they keep very close watch on who and what comes into the city. The people now feel much safer and can go about their lives as usual. Jamestown, you can do the same.

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Jul-05-14 2:08 PM

If only Cuomo hadn't outlawed slingshots & marbles.

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Jul-05-14 2:05 PM

Other towns have had success with this program: "knock out the smallest window pane (to conserve energy; considering the energy dept., EPA, and that sort of clueless wonders) Then you simply "load, lock, and wait"

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Jul-05-14 7:16 AM

73Capri the solution is to do something to change the landscape, VOTE! If the same cast of characters in Washington and Albany and Jamestown are always on stage how can the ending of the play change? And yes instigator, class warfare is a good way to prevent welfare reform. If you want to compare an earned teacher's or policeman 's pension to a life of unearned benefits and drug addiction that's your choice. Jobs and vocations are a choice. They all have upsides and downsides. What was yours? It's so easy to hide behind a blog name and make accusations. Why does reminding people to vote out liberals upset you so much? I only support benefits for those who are unable to provide for themselves.

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Jul-04-14 4:28 PM

Sea dog, I don't need to do research because I will never collect them. I choose to live in this state and I vote for the person I believe will represent my beliefs regardless of their party affiliation. As a resident on NY that is all I can do. Complaining about it on this forum everyday does nobody any good. As for NYS pensions being free from State tax. Your saying that all the money a teacher will collect in pension was paid into the system by the teacher ? Their tiny contribution may in after tax money but they will collect far more than they ever pay in. A police office can pay into pension for 20 years and collect for 40 or more years, tax free.

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Jul-04-14 1:51 PM

I am happy to see some of the comments were from people who understood my point. There is nothing worse than people who complain but are not willing to make an effort to change anything. I for one know that Neighborhood Watch works, and a City Councilman told me in the areas where there are active watches it is effective. I do agree part of the problem is slum lords and I DO wish the city would do a better job of citing violators. But I can say as a landlord who has a 2 family in a very nice neighborhood, we keep up our property and we are vigilant who we went to. We do a credit check, verify employment and check with former landlords. Even with that over the last few years we have found out we had a tenant twice who was dealing drugs. We did not find out because no one in the neighborhood told us. The drug problem is not unique to Jamestown, it is all over the country. But I do believe as residents we can do something about it-at least a small part. Do something to change i

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Jul-04-14 8:54 AM

One thing that would help, Landlords need to to background checks on new tenant's. JPD Could help with this, if you don't give them a place to live here, then they will go elsewhere. Too many landlords will rent to anyone who has the cash.

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Jul-04-14 7:27 AM

I believe the writer's point was to get involved and report suspicious activity when you see it.

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Jul-04-14 7:17 AM

cw a retired teacher who pays no nys income tax and is a closet liberal.

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Jul-04-14 6:59 AM

Carla how would you know the benefits are generous. Are you collecting them or are you just trusting what your party tells you?

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Jul-04-14 6:28 AM

So your way to help lower the crime rate is to do nothing, blame the gov't and them vote so the gov't can fix the problem. Yea.....that will work.

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Jul-04-14 6:01 AM

Reform welfare. NYState enables and encourages crime by creating a hopeless state of existence for millions of people. Generous, and almost "no questions asked" benefits make us a magnet for victims and criminals and not much else. The high cost of this to taxpayers creates a hostile environment for business and jobs so they go elsewhere,except for the drug dealers. Until this changes we will evolve into a crime suburb of Buffalo. Good luck to the letter writer but at this point we are overwhelmed. The best thing we can do is remember to vote in November.

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