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Marijuana Plan Gets Mixed Reactions

January 19, 2014

Here comes legalized marijuana. At least, it appears to be coming for medicinal purposes. And not everyone is happy about it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his State of the State address on Ja....

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Feb-09-14 4:42 PM

New York led the nation with the 1980 law the governor is rolling out 34 years later! Several states started medical marijuana programs patterned after NY's 1980 law, which turned into medical marijuana in every state that has it! So NY has led the way to medical marijuana, please don't stop now! Call or write your politicians to support the Compassionate Care Act and give mercy to those in need, please!

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Jan-20-14 12:19 PM

Mr. Godell:Look at the science and use your brain. States like CO , WA, AK see the light and it is weed. it works and it is effective. Small thinkers like you shouldn't be in office.

Luke cage has a wonderful post. Please vote this guy out in the next election

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Jan-20-14 9:47 AM

Maybe a different look is need for those who suffer from debilitating pain. Pain affects more than the physical body, it affects the mind also. It is most certain that sooner or later that someone with debilitating pain whether caused by disease or permanent injury, relief from the pain will be the biggest focus in their life and everything else will go by the wayside. If all standard medical ways and means have been exhausted for pain control and does not work, who is society to tell people you must*****it up and live with the pain when a solution is right in front of their eyes ???

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Jan-20-14 9:16 AM

Maybe a different look is needed for

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Jan-20-14 8:13 AM

Gentlemen- Take a look at Patent 6330507, it's a patent granted to our government by our own US Patent office. It has the reference materials for the findings listed also. Take a few minutes and watch the public hearings held by the State Assembly on the issue. And Random if you're still stalking my posts Marinol is a synthesized (man-made) version of THC. Treatment with cannabis involves combinations of naturally occurring cannabinoids. And unfortunately because the drug was reclassified it makes in nearly impossible to obtain legally for independent study. The University of Israel has one of the best resources of public information if you're interested in learning more.

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Jan-19-14 8:53 PM

The legalization of medical marijuana should be based on science, not politics. The Food and Drug Administration stated in 2006 that "marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision." The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated in 2011 that "Marijuana itself is an unlikely medication candidate for several reasons..." The Institute of Medicine, run by the United States National Academy of Sciences, concluded after a comprehensive study in 1999 that smoking cannabis is not recommended for the treatment of any disease condition, but that nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety can all be mitigated by cannabis. We should move carefully, not based on polls but based on research.

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Jan-19-14 4:43 PM

forurinfo, aka moron. Read what you just wrote. You obviously lack reading comprehension of a newspaper article. You also lack the simple intellect to answer a simple question coherently without juvenile sarcasm. Maybe you were smoking pot when you responded.

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Jan-19-14 2:24 PM

The legalization of marijuana in New York is good. Maybe some small communities like Jamestown aren't prepared for it. The abuse of ******e and cocaine in Jamestown is astronomical and hopefully these addicts won't try to rob individuals who seriously need their medication so they can get their narcotic fixes...just a thought.

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Jan-19-14 2:04 PM

I love it when people quote the Bible and don't know what it means...

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Jan-19-14 10:10 AM

Mr Goodell rather often has views that conflict with the opinions and wishes of a majority of New Yorkers. No surprise there, of course.

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Jan-19-14 9:52 AM

Random- Goodell isn't endorsing anything. He is suggesting Marinol has the same medicinal purposes as medical cannabis. It does not! Get your facts straight, read, research, watch the public hearings. You obviously have the intelligence to operate a computer, educate yourself. Look up Charlotte's Web medical cannabis, Marinol holds no bearing on the topic what so ever.

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Jan-19-14 9:13 AM

forurinfo-How is Goodell, a politician, endorsing Marinol different than Cuomo, a poltician, endorsing dope?

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Jan-19-14 8:46 AM

As expected from our local press, why actually consider science when someone in politics can tell you how to think. Marinol has absolutely nothing to do with medical cannabis. It's about the cannabinoids, THC, CBD and CBN. Has there been any effort to actually attend or watch the public hearings held by the New York State Assembly Health committee. Of course not, unless their aligned with the Tea Party who cares in Jamestown. Instead of being able to provide medicine that works for children that are suffering let's concentrate on making sure we don't have to tell the government about how many guns we own first, Yea that makes sense.

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Jan-19-14 8:28 AM

Sad that Andy would take such a narrow-minded and hardline stance on legalizing marijuana, which remains at its core, despite all the propaganda against it, an herbal remedy and socially accepted stimulant that has been consumed by humans for millennia.

Andy, stop representing pharmaceutical interests and instead focus on the interests of your constituents. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it and then please get back to the more pressing issues of the day.

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Jan-19-14 8:09 AM

Who is Andy to question Cuomo's Catholic religion? The good book says, " man shall not lie with man less he be stoned" So the governor legalizes gay marriage and marijuana. Can you say Harvard educated?

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Jan-19-14 7:25 AM

5-8 years, pot vending machines will be on all college campus and high schools. since the pot federal laws are being ignored by the idiot obama, it's inevitable and cannot be stopped.

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Jan-19-14 7:20 AM

The 'Black Market' will soon explode with "Marinol" knockoffs and illicit labs cooking down chemicals to extract the pure THC component to produce 'synthetic' Marinol in kitchens across the county!How will conscientious discriminators know which "perps" at the bakery are giggling and chatting on illicit organic substances?-or on the 'Pharmaceutically Correct 'Marinol'?Ask ANDY!-EXCELSIOR!

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Jan-19-14 6:52 AM

Where is the mixed reaction?A conservative republican and a local substance abuse agency whose "stay of the grass" campaign is a joke to kids and professionals alike?We have people dying from pain medication and we are still hung up on marijuana.Do your homework on the reality of this and realize actually smoking marijuana is becoming a less utilized option especially for folks seeking relief for medicinal reasons.This is New York not Appalachia.Let's not embarrass ourselves any more than we already have

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Jan-19-14 6:42 AM

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