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McLaughlin Inaccurate In Portrayal Of Mandela

January 16, 2014

To The Reader’s Forum: Columnist Dan McLaughlin, in his December 7 P-J article on the legacy of Nelson Mandela appears to speak in the old, tired language of rich, white, Western neo-colonialists....

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Jan-22-14 8:59 AM

nonfiction- You deplore the World Bank and the IMF and I don't totally disagree with you. However, like most of today's liberal deploring "conservatives", you conveniently fail to note that Obama has increased U.S. contributions to the IMF roughly 1,000%. Also, it should be noted that of the many countries that have embraced Socialism, only those ruled by a dictator have failed to return to capitalism. Over the last 30 years, a great many countries around the world have seen their living standards increase dramatically. Generally speaking, only Haiti, landlocked countries in Africa and those countries torn by Islamic strife have failed to prosper. Mandela was a Communist but transformed himself magnificently during his incarceration.

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Jan-19-14 2:20 PM

Was that the celebrated Goodyear treatment?

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Jan-19-14 12:40 PM

1-16-14 1:44 pm

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Jan-19-14 9:36 AM

How did that redistribution work out?

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Jan-18-14 5:49 PM

Totally inexcusable use of the abuse button. What is that? Four since you got back a couple days ago?

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Jan-17-14 6:37 PM

Mr. Demler what was going on before the Dutch? Was it Eden?

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Jan-17-14 2:26 PM

Economic Globalization and Neo-Liberalism policies that have been pushed onto many nations by the world bank, and IMF have done far worse for the avg joe world wide then good.

I would say the shortcomings brought on by trickle down economics have not improved our well being in America or anywhere. The average person has less buying power today then they had in 1970. Wages are going down in third world places like Africa.

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Jan-17-14 1:15 PM

Friedman also contended that, for whatever shortcomings it may have, no other economic system has raised the general well being of society has whole as has the free market system. An interesting re-examination of Friedman's 1980, 10 part PBS documentary, "Free to Choose" can be found in the 2011 PBS program "Free or Equal". The 2011 work looks back at 30 years since 1980, and the impact that economic globalization has had.

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Jan-17-14 11:15 AM

The days of middle class with no formal education or trade are gone? Of course. It was artificial and unsustainable.

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Jan-17-14 10:21 AM

'McLaughlin' and 'Inaccurate' are usually synonymous.

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Jan-17-14 9:37 AM

Any time an author slings the "rich white Western" I know what will follow.

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Jan-17-14 8:24 AM

Seadog - he never said you called him a Socialist. MarquessoQ did.

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Jan-17-14 8:16 AM

Its the policies that conservatives push. Since 1980 we've followed a conservative platform of trickle down economics or supply side economics. In the past 33 years the income gap between the wealthy and everyone else has grown expontentially. That wasn't a mistake, conservative economist like Milton Friedman knew thats what would happened in a heavy supply side economic environment. Also conservatives are pro-business, no secret in that. So naturally they favor driving down wages, loosening regulation ment to protect consumers and workers, anti-labor and lowering taxes on businesses and favor regressive taxes like sales tax over progressive taxes like our income tax system.

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Jan-17-14 6:20 AM


Very well said. Conservatives have roped in a good percentage of their following by this simple plan, the very wealthy telling the near poor that its the poor guys fault that they are near poor. The days of being middle class with no formal education either college or trade or all but gone, and the working class who's being hit hardest by that blame the ones who are even worse off then they are, and not the wealthy who have become even wealthier over the last 3 or 4 years. I don't understand that logic.

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Jan-16-14 7:44 PM

by the way.. mandela was neither a freedom fighter nor a socialist. He was, however a communist for a brief time and arguably the greatest Statesman who ever lived. Sadly the common man will never know or appreciate his life lonn sacrifice.

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Jan-16-14 4:43 PM


Like Seadog, you use the term socialist to mean something other than what it means. It has nothing to do with being lazy. The quintessential welfare bum (or queen) is mostly a myth. When work is available, almost everyone able to work, does.

I do find it humerous that this disdain for the welfare of the poor is typically found in depressed areas. I guess the near poor, or those at risk of being there someday, need a whipping boy ... or girl. In low poverty places, like Denmark, the few slackers are simply ignored.

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Jan-16-14 4:42 PM

Conservatives never, ever learn from history. Ever. Even now they're wistful for the glory days of apartheid and spit on the graves of those who dedicated their lives to opposing true evil. It's useless to try to to teach them. They have their bones to gnaw on, and there's no distracting them with facts. Thanks for trying anyway, Paul. Great letter.

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Jan-16-14 1:44 PM

"Geese, Winnie... I'm sorry, no more necklacing in the town square,...sorry"

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Jan-16-14 10:11 AM

Demler is a Socialist. I'm not saying that as some cutting insult. Just stating a fact. He cares more about those who have no interest in contributing towards society than those who bust our butts to pay for their (very poor) choices for food and other essentials. Unfortunately his warm and fuzzy feeling of helping everyone is on the backs of our grandchildren and their children. Raise sales tax to the level where all these giveaways are paid for as allocated and these "compassionate" people might feel differently when their Chardonnay cost 3 times as much with such a tax. Our generations will go down in history as the most selfish as we have created a lazy layer of people who never intend to work and contribute-but let others pay for their "benefits"

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Jan-16-14 8:41 AM

Spoken like a true liberal

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