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County Home Sale Vote Fails

Legislators Fail To Reach Supermajority By One Vote For Third Straight Time

October 31, 2013

MAYVILLE — The Chautauqua County Home will continue to be a taxpayer-funded facility following a third failed vote to privatize....

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Nov-03-13 8:49 AM

The net proceeds from the sale of the County Home is in the 5-6 Million dollar range, (not 15-16Million) after all the bills are paid.

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Nov-02-13 7:24 AM

To put all this another way, it will take only seven of the 19 legislators voting "no" to stop the sale.

With eight "yes" votes from

*Borello (R),

*Chagnon (R),

*DeJoy (D),

*Erlandson (D) or Lemon (R),

*Gould (R),

*Hemmer (R),

*Nazarro (D), and

*Tarbrake (R),

and with four "no" votes from

*Ahlstrom (D),

*Heenan (D),

*Niebel (R), Baldwin (D), or Farnham (WF), and

*Scudder (R) or Coughlin (D),

opponents of the sale need only three of the remaining seven:

*Carutis (D) over Himelein (R) (yes), and Carutis voting "no."

*DeJoe (D) (no) over Runkle (R) (yes).

*Keefe (D) (no) over Sullivan (R) (yes).

*Larson (D) (no) over Prieto (R) (yes).

*Lisciandro (D) over Wendell (R) (yes), and Lisciandro voting "no."

*Ognibene (D) over Vanstrom (R) (yes), and Ognibene's replacement (D) voting "no."

*Whitney (D) (no) over Wifong (R) (yes).

(cont'd below)

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Nov-02-13 7:23 AM

(cont'd from above)

Meanwhile, proponents of the sale need five of those remaining seven to break their way instead. If proponents get four from

*Himelein (R) (yes) over Carutis (D), or Carutis voting "yes,"

*Runkle (R) (yes) over DeJoe (D) (no),

*Vanstrom (R) over Ognibene (D), or Ognibene's replacement (D) voting "yes," and

*Wendell (R) (yes) over Lisciandro (D), or Lisciandro voting "yes,"

then the proponents of the sale need only one more from

*Prieto (R) (yes) over Larson (D) (no),

*Sullivan (R) (yes) over Keefe (D) (no), or

*Wifong (R) (yes) over Whitney (D) (no).

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Nov-01-13 10:51 PM

That's almost right, Star5867. Assuming Wendell (R) (yes) beats Lisciandro (D) (?), or that Lisciandro would vote "yes," we need at four of these five:

*Vanstrom (R) (yes) over Ognibene (D), or Ognibene's replacement (D) voting "yes."

*Runkle (R) (yes) over DeJoe (D) (no).

*Sullivan (R) (yes) over Keefe (D) (no).

*Prieto (R) (yes) over Larson (D) (no).

*Wifong (R) (yes) over Whitney (D) (no).

The disappointments -- though not surprises -- are Scudder (R) (no) and Niebel (R) (no).

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Nov-01-13 9:41 PM

Then I guess Sullivan, Prieto, Vanstrom and Runkle need to win.

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Nov-01-13 2:46 PM

Thank you, Star5867.

Starting with a vote of 10 to 4 -- which is by no means certain -- if -- and this is also not certain -- the elections for the open seats follow the party registration in each district, then:

*Keefe (D) (no) defeats Sullivan (R) (yes).

*Niebel (R) (no) defeats Baldwin (D) (no) and Farnham (WF) (?).

*Chagnon (R) (yes) wins without opposition.

*Larson (D) (no) defeats Prieto (R) (yes), and

*Vanstrom (R) (yes) defeats Ognibene (D) (?), who has dropped out,

then the vote will be 12 to 7, with a resolution to sell the county home again going down by one vote, because 2/3 of 19 is 13.

This assumes there are no changes in other votes, and that incumbent Runkle (R) (yes) defeats incumbent DeJoe (D) (no) in a Republican district.

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Nov-01-13 1:24 PM

George C. From what I've read this is the best I can tell:

Sullivan (R) - sell Keefe (D)- no sale Niebel (R)- no sale Baldwin (D), - no sale Farnham (WF)- unknown Chagnon (R)-sell Prieto (R) - sell Larson (D)- no sell Vanstrom (R)- sell

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Nov-01-13 7:17 AM

Greenbe, another liberal who confuses their own ideology with the reality of a situation. You draw your conclusions from some deep seated hatred of commercial entities. Hey, this isn't a communist society where everything is owned and operated by the government. Perhaps you should move to China.....although I hear they don't care too much about the environment.....

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Nov-01-13 6:02 AM

Before Election Day, the Post-Journal needs to publish a chart giving the position of all 2013 county-legislature candidates on whether they would have voted "yes" or "no" on this question.

Some of the candidates are incumbents, so we know their positions.

With 19 members of the legislature as of 2014, 2/3 is 13, so seven "no" votes will defeat a motion to sell the County Home.

Here is what we know so far, by district number.

The "no" votes in 2014:

1. Ahlstrom (D). 2. Heenan (D). 3. Scudder (R) or Coughtlin (D). 11. Whitney (D), if re-elected over challenger Wifong (R).

The "yes" votes in 2014:

6. Borello (R). 7. Runkle (R), if re-elected over incumbent DeJoe (D). 9. Nazarro (R). 10. Wendell (R), if re-elected over challenger Lisciandro (D). 12. DeJoy (D). 14. Tarbrake (R). 16. Erlandsson (D), if re-elected over challenger Lemon (R). 17. Gould (R). 18. Himelein (R), if re-elected over challenger Carutis (D). 19. Hemmer (R

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Nov-01-13 6:02 AM

(cont'd from above)

That would make the vote 10 to 4. But what are the challengers positions?

And what are these candidates' positions?

4. Sullivan (R) and Keefe (D). 5. Niebel (R), Baldwin (D), and Farnham (WF). 8. Chagnon (R). 12. Prieto (R) and Larson (D). 15. Vanstrom (R).

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Nov-01-13 12:52 AM

If that's prejudice I plead guilty. Day to day operation is hard enough. I'm not going to go looking for more issues and I guarantee along with you come mountains of issues. I need people to 100 percent focus at the task at hand. One bad apple can upset the entire apple cart. I'm the one with a lot to loose. You will never loose it for me. Not worth the gamble nor the risk. That's why u can't find a job. All the best

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Nov-01-13 12:28 AM

You prove my point, Scallywag. Your kind of prejudice is what keeps me unemployed.

And, no, factsout, I am not related to nor am I in actuality Ms Cornell.

That's right, Seadog. The corporations moved to bust the unions so they could build a society where they had all the power and the workers had none. It's worked out pretty well for them too, hasn't it?

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Nov-01-13 12:24 AM

Lori you sold out for thirty three hundred dollars you couldn't even put in your pocket. Do you run your household finances that way. Did you move to an apartment ? Is that why u were late again as usual. Will u open the county clerk office late because the kids didn't want to get up for school. The employees waiting by the door waiting for you to unlock the door. Major murder trials not starting on time because u lost your key. Tax payers waiting on the steps because u had to take the dog to the vet. It isn't easy raising four boys. What makes u think u can fit a big girl job in that busy schedule. The taxpayers diserve more.

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Oct-31-13 11:57 PM

Lori the governments job is not to compete against the private sector. The government is terrible at governing and sure has no chance at running a profitable business. The taxpayers money is not unlimited as u may think. Protecting greedy unions should also be of no concern of government. Lori perhaps this is a last ditch effort for you but sorry u are the weakest link. Good bye. U loose. Make like a tree and leave. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Make sure u pick up all of the garbage you littered our road ways with the last month. Stick a fork in u. Ur done. Go clean up your mess. The next the county home will be sold and u will be running for Sargent of arms at your local Cub Scout troop. Good luck and good ridince

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Oct-31-13 10:42 PM

I understand Mrs Cornell was late to the debate last week and her excuse was that she was moving. Hope this is out of state. Times up you have done enough harm to this County.

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Oct-31-13 10:25 PM

Emelye are your related to or are you Mrs Cornell? If you are not no one could be that ignorant over this issue to make the comments you make. The majority of the people in the County Democratic and Republican alike are in favor of selling the home. They are tired of losing $7000 a day to keep the home operating. Selling the home would have put it back on the tax rolls and the people in Dunkirk would have benefited from the increased tax revenue, but I guess you don't care about the school system or tax payers you just care about yourself.

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Oct-31-13 9:32 PM

Emely can u program and run CNC ? We're looking for a wire operator Must be able to program using mastercam 5 and pro E you up for the task. How can any mechanical engineer or person with tool and die background not have a job. The workplace is begging for your qualifications. The answer is no shop will put up with the disruption and negative stigma you would bring with you. Based on your past your decision making skills are not so good. I wouldn't hire a person with a tattoo on there face or horn implants eather. Don't need the disruption

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Oct-31-13 7:27 PM

I wasn't calling names. Just letting her know her posts look manic and lose any value because of it. She can post anything she wants but if she wants any credibility, she should take it down a notch.

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Oct-31-13 6:54 PM

Emelye has a right to her opinions. I don't believe that name calling is appropriate in this forum. The bottom line on this failed vote is that Whitney, Ccornell and Hoyer did not represent the voters in their district. They chose to side with The Union that has created the majority of the problems at The home but there has also been total mismanagent by the Administration at The Home. The Home will fail if it isn't sold and all of the employees will be without jobs. Those employees can thank WHITNEY, CORNELL AND HOYER. Whatever else we do, we MUST VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ON Nov. 5thlET'S EXERCISE OUR RIGHTS AND GET OUT TO VOTE!!!!!

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Oct-31-13 6:35 PM

Sorry, Star5867. When I have three or four people addressing me I tend to want to reply individually.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands? If only Scallywag would give me a job!

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Oct-31-13 6:27 PM

Emelye, your need to frantically post multiple times makes you appear mentally unstable. For your sake, tone it down. You're not doing yourself or your cause any favors.

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Oct-31-13 6:24 PM

and by the way, Scallywag, I can't afford any new clothes. Sorry! Aren't you the person who says they have their own business? Do you have any job openings? If I can get a job then I can get new clothes and footwear too!

I have an engineering degree and thirty years of experience in manufacturing. I even have skills in tool & die work (although that was a long time ago, before I got my degree). What do you say?

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Oct-31-13 6:11 PM

Do people like the 8 hour day and 40 hour week? Thank a Union.

Were you grateful to have unemployment insurance when you got laid off? Thank a Union.

How about things like overtime pay, Family Medical Leave and paid holidays? Again, Union.

One of the reasons our middle class has economically suffered as much as it has in the past thirty years is because of the union busting that has been ongoing since St Ronald Reagan was in office. Labor and management should have a balance of power. Right now there is no balance, hence our losses in the middle class.

Unions are not evil things, just like government is not an evil thing IF they are controlled and regulated properly. If union interests are part of the county home issue I say, why shouldn't they be?

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Oct-31-13 6:01 PM

Hmmm. Scallywag calling me abnormal and a freak. I wonder if these kinds of extreme reactions are a terrible acknowledgement that I may have a point and they can't refute it?

Was it you, Scallywag, who sent me that endearing Facebook message awhile back? The rhetoric is similar.

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Oct-31-13 5:58 PM

No, hacksbgone. I will not go away.

I have as much right to post my opinions here as you do, don't I?

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