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Wife Reveals Intimate Affair

Mary Taglianetti Warned Reed Of Husband Prior To Death

October 25, 2013

MAYVILLE — The wife of Anthony R. Taglianetti II revealed Thursday in Chautauqua County Court the narrative of her online affair with Keith Reed Jr....

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Oct-25-13 11:59 AM

it is never a good idea to get your honey where you make your money...hmm

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Oct-25-13 10:38 AM

I thought there was a law in which a wife does not legally have to testify against her own husband. Is this law now outdated? Does anyone know?

This is a REALLY SAD, SAD case. I think I know how it will turn out.

I pray for all of the souls that are now totally RUINED because of this SELFISH, ADULTEROUS AFFAIR. GOD help them please!!!!!

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Oct-25-13 10:27 AM

I think he did it.

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Oct-25-13 9:42 AM

Sorry should be why she didn't

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Oct-25-13 9:41 AM

I don't understand why if the wife is saying her husband was a violent man and knew he was headed to confront the superintendent why she did call the police ASAP,that's the only part that doesn't add up

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Oct-25-13 9:37 AM

God bless those four children who have to suffer from their parents actions and in the end a human life was taken.Sad for all the families and kids that are involved and you would think that people would seriously think out their actions and possible consequences before doing stupid acts.Murder is murder and nothing can excuse that horrible act of violence,but as adults they all were selfish and never considered their families and what their actions could bring.Adultrey,Adultress,and Murder,what a lesson to teach your kids,God bless all the children and families involved.

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Oct-25-13 8:44 AM

No Carlaw. No. I rarely agree with your posts, but I find you respectful. As a result, I respect you.

But in this instance, you couldn't be more wrong. The wife is guilty of infidelity. But not murder. Suppose Tsglianetti discovered the affair and beat her to death. By your logic she "had it coming"?

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Oct-25-13 8:13 AM

"This wife is just as guilty as her husband and should be held accountable."

By that same logic, Reed is just as guilty for his own death for carrying on an affiar with a married woman. He had it coming. Heck, why not blame the gun, too?

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Oct-25-13 7:31 AM

I respect our military people. But in boot camp they are taught that it is kill or be killed. When these people return to civilian life most can separate from those feelings. Taglianetti was apparently one who could not. He carried his kill mentality because he was a fearless marine. He was also very sloppy. Taking Reed's life, his cell phone, dropping an ATM receipt at the scene, getting Reed's blood on the gun, hanging on to the gun, leaving behind emails to the victim, all this adds up to a very sloppy person. Is any more evidence needed? Of course, his butt will be saved from execution by your liberal laws in NY, allowing him to live out his life and costing untold amounts of money. There are too many good people who follow the rules in this world to allow vermin like this to live.

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Oct-25-13 6:37 AM

A bitter root, a wandering eye and then the ties that bind start wearing thin. Tragic example of human's fallen nature. Nothing new here.

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Oct-25-13 6:30 AM

Guess there were no women good enough for a school principal in Clymer?? No wonder our kids are so mixed up.. The old "Don't do as I do, do as I say" !!!

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Oct-25-13 6:26 AM

So it's her fault that her husband was prone to jealous, homicidal rage? I'm not saying she was a saint in all this, but how do her actions add up to complicity to murder?

The short answer is, they don't, and although she made some dumb-sounding decisions (like moving back in with the guy, and not calling to warn Reed when Taglianetti drove away with murderous intent), that is not equivalent to being responsible for Reed's death.

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Oct-25-13 3:43 AM

This wife is just as guilty for the death as her husband and should be held accountable.

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