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Debt Reduction Idea

October 19, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: To encourage investment in this nation’s future, reduce the national debt and help out the USPS, may I suggest a series of “Obama Action Stamps....

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Oct-27-13 7:30 AM

We had one party rule, by the republicans. And they proceeded to trash this country. I say we give the Democrats a chance, I cannot believe that they would do worse than what the republicans did. And when did the republicans decide to "curtail the out of control spending"? It certainly hasn't been in the last 40+ years. Republicans have racked up over 70% of the debt! Remember to add off budget, emergency appropriations and long term costs of republican programs. Why do Republicans hate America?

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Oct-19-13 7:22 PM

So are you saying that the black democrats had never voted until they had a black candidate to vote for ? I find that hard to believe. And all the white republicans voted for a white guy. So what is your point by using the race thingy ???

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Oct-19-13 5:14 PM

This forum is a good example of how the country works. Disagree and you are a hate filled, ignorant snaggle toothed racist who is glued to Rush Limbaugh, and the Tea party. The progs just don't understand. They can only tell what they think. I refuse to let them tell me what I think. That's where the angry posts come from.

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Oct-19-13 5:10 PM

That's nothing lucky. I know people who vote race every time. AND THEY ARE ALL BLACK DEMOCRATS.

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Oct-19-13 12:47 PM

Whatever happened to the voice of the people? Wasn't that what the president is supposed to be? Not the voice of the Democrats, nor the voice of an exectutive order. Why weren't the people given a voice on government healthcare? This is the biggest crock of socialist baloney ever shoved down this country's throat.

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Oct-19-13 10:05 AM

73 there is a difference.We have no problem calling out the republicans when we don't agree with them.There was alot I didnt like about both Bushes.But the dems have this strange blind loyality to their party no matter how much harm they are doing to this country.Some republicans are trying to curtail this out of control spending in Washington and they are called the crazies.What a mixed up world we live in

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Oct-19-13 7:10 AM

What a great letter! How about a stamp that just says "It's Not My Fault?"

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Oct-19-13 6:14 AM

50s4ever, In case you haven't figured it out, one party rule is the only goal of the Dems and the Repubs. They both want a majority in the house and senate and the white house so they can do what they want. They only care about the voter during an election year. I know of people who have only voted a straight party ticket their entire life. That's just sad.

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Oct-19-13 5:38 AM

Another comment from a close minded Democrat participating in the massive push for one party rule I've seen in my life.

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Oct-19-13 5:37 AM

It's all George W.'s fault. :)

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Oct-19-13 1:45 AM

Another person who must believe that one party has all the answers. There are a lot of commenters on here that believe the same. Why don't all the people who believe that one party rule is a good thing look for a country with one party that matches your beliefs and move there. It will free up a lot of your time spent online whining about how wrong the other party is and how perfect your party is. This forum used to be better but now is mostly closed minded people calling each other names. Kinda like our elected politicians.

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