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‘Profiling’ May Have Saved Lives

September 20, 2013

Aaron Alexis, who slaughtered 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, was a mentally ill man with a grudge against the Navy....

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Sep-22-13 2:16 PM

Speaking of amateurs....what an appropriate screen name.

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Sep-20-13 5:37 PM

Overdrive, that is correct. The amateur Ogden Opinion piece is wrong.

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Sep-20-13 4:53 PM

yap doesn't even understand what he's doing, let alone what we do. You have a profile you check off when approached or observe someone yap. It's that simple. Calling it an assessment of actions without even looking at a person is too ludicrous to present as an argument. You have proved wrong about me repeatedly because of prog profiling.

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Sep-20-13 4:36 PM

I think the word "profiling" implies unfair or stereotypical judgements. In this case, there were facts that should have raised serious questions. A security clearance is not a trivial thing and should not be delegated to contractors.

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Sep-20-13 3:02 PM

The reason the NRA said the background check system was broken is because it really is. There is more proof. ----The Dems would rather use it to create a gun owner registry than to fix it to catch the folks who shouldn't have a gun. Notice they have even refused to work on the mental health issue without combining it with the gun registry. It's all politics

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Sep-20-13 1:00 PM

" You profile as you walk down the street or drive..."

Nope, I don't. But that's just me. I make assessments of actions but not merely by looking at a person. Profiling was already defined by a poster - did you miss that part?

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Sep-20-13 12:58 PM

Those who give up liberty for, you know the rest.

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Sep-20-13 8:38 AM

It's stupid for the word "profiling" to have such a negative reputation. You profile as you walk down the street or drive, every day. It's good sense and instinct.

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Sep-20-13 8:20 AM

I agree, Gemni5. But not only should he not have gotten security clearance, but the question of how he was able to purchase the shotgun he used only a few days prior given his history of gun assaults and his mental condition, should be asked.

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Sep-20-13 8:10 AM

The military relies on its contractors to perform background checks. Background checks cost money so they get done haphazardly or superficially. The military, and the American people who fund it and make up its ranks, suffers the consequences.

Why aren't the rules stricter? So costs can be lowered and profits raised. Never mind that now 12 innocent people are dead because of somebody's negligence! Costs have to be cut, no matter what!

That's what happens when the profit motive is the ONLY motive and for corporations, that is the only motive allowed by law! Tragedies like this one are an inevitable result of foolish deregulation and over reliance on profit driven corporate contractors to do important jobs.

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Sep-20-13 7:04 AM

In my opinion, this would not fall under the label of " profiling", which uses certain characteristics to make a generalization about someone. They had cold, hard facts which should have denied him a security clearance. Two arrests involving guns should have been enough.

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Sep-20-13 6:47 AM

Does 'FREEDOM' ring a bell?Just kidding,really.All GUN NUTS should have their security clearances rescinded until a thorough psychological evaluation is completed and reviewed-Especially those with agendas against a beloved GOVT. agency.It may be necessary to TAX the OLIGARCHS to save the lives of the former middle class.How many millions of 'taxpayer' dollars are lost to theft this way?Protecting the Sociopath's unencumbered wealth from justice, duty, and honor?Profiling just may be the ticket.

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Sep-20-13 1:25 AM

Why in the world don't they inspect any bags or vehicles entering a government work site? I even wonder if they bother to inspect bags leaving these facilities. How many millions of taxpayer money are lost to theft this way? Not to worry, let's just raise taxes again and again and again ad infinitum.

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