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Wal-Mart, Mall Bridge Still Needed

September 2, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I would like to see a road built between Chautauqua Mall and Wal-Mart. I think it would prove to be beneficial to both places....

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Sep-02-13 1:30 AM

Why? Too good to walk??

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Sep-02-13 1:58 AM

I remember hearing 40 years ago that there should be a bridge between the mall and Zayre's. Lakewood should just decide that not having one puts too much traffic on Fairmount, and that they have to build one!

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Sep-02-13 6:49 AM

What for? Walk down thru walmart parking lot to fairmount ave,walk west on the sidewalk and walla,you're at the mall lazy arse

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Sep-02-13 7:12 AM

Its never going to happen The mall doesnt want Walmart shoppers to use their parking lot as a super highway.

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Sep-02-13 7:17 AM

Yes I'm going to park my car at the mall, go in and shop for a bit, then walk to Walmart and do my shopping there and then walk back to the mall (where my car is parked) with 10-15 bags of groceries/merchandise in my hands. Makes perfect sense doesn't it (hint the sarcasm)!! I have nothing against walking, in fact I will usually park farther away from stores instead of finding the closest spot but I am not parking in a completely different parking lot and then carrying all my groceries back to my car. Unless of course you think I should push the shopping cart back to the mall with me, in which case there will be A lot of carts left in the mall parking lot because people do not have all the time in the world to be going back and forth. Just put the darn bridge in and be done with it.

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Sep-02-13 7:27 AM

A bridge would definitely cut down on the Fairmount Avenue traffic, but it would also cause the mall parking lot to become overflow parking for WalMart and the mall will not allow that to happen.

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Sep-02-13 9:06 AM

I can't recall a time when I finishe shopping at the mall and then said to myself "I really need to pick up a few things at Walmart but I have to go out on fairmount for a tenth of a mile so forget it! I'm going home!" My usual excuses for skipping Walmart include; it's the first of the month, it will be too crowded. Or I forgot hand sanitizer at home.

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Sep-02-13 9:22 AM

Build a road right into each store. People all want to have the closest parking spot so that they don't accidentally lose weight by parking too far away.

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Sep-02-13 10:02 AM

Maybe they could get a piece of the bridge numbskulls tried to sell to Sarah Palin. Army corp of engineers could fly it in where a battalion waits on the ground. (or a priv. contr. could do it some afternoon)

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Sep-02-13 10:11 AM

Having a bridge would help ease the traffic on Fairmount as well just be convenient to go to and from the Mall (or Mall Blvd, or Ruby's or Olive Garden, etc). Walmart wanted a bridge, the village of Lakewood was all for it but the Mall was against it.

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Sep-02-13 10:56 AM

The mall parking lot would be full of Walmart shopping carts. Who needs that. Many Walmart customers won't walk five feet to the cart return. The co. that owns the mall has almost as much money as Walmart does. If the bridge would benefit them, they would have already done it.

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Sep-02-13 11:47 AM

World Peace, Global Climate change, and a Wal-Mart bridge. We comment on all the burning issues here!!!!

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Sep-02-13 12:17 PM

Why would anyone want to shop at the mall, and then Wal Mart? The mall is far over priced, and the movie theater doesn't take debit/credit cards.

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Sep-02-13 12:22 PM

Mommy - I would suggest not buying 15 bags of goods at Wal-Mart. Thanks for helping destroy the economy.

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Sep-02-13 6:09 PM

And thanks for your support of supporting welfare, both public assistance and corporate. Kudos

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Sep-02-13 9:01 PM

Some people just don't get it. Lol. Anyplace you go any where in the world parking lots are adjoined. Releaves traffic. Everyone benefits

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Sep-03-13 2:09 AM

Voila! great word wrong spelling.

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Sep-03-13 8:21 AM

As the taxpayers complain about high taxes, Let's build another bridge and complain about how much it costs to construct it and maintain it!! THINK folks!! T H I N K!!!! maybe you can go to Walmart and buy the tools and build it out of your pocket and then buy a shovel and bags of salt and everyday go out in the winter and maintain it!! Are you willing to do this?? or do you expect others to do this for you??

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Sep-03-13 12:17 PM

link tyhe two entities: we can buy goods faster from sweat shop Labor.. as a matter of fact Wal Mart sells fire extinguishers made in Bangledesh.. hmm

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Sep-03-13 12:18 PM

I've always thought that would be a good idea. As far as the cost of construction and maintenance, I can only imagine it to be negligible. I mean, it's a tiny road/bridge, it's not a highway. I really don't foresee Wal-Mart patrons parking at the Mall and walking to Wal-Mart. Maybe riding their motorized scooters. All in all I'd say it'd be useful but not absolutely necessary.

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Sep-03-13 3:33 PM

Go down to the creek separating the "Mall" and "Wal-Mart" and use the stepping stones (or shopping carts)to cross.Not everyone drives.'Believe it!-Or not!' They have been there for years.

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Sep-03-13 5:09 PM

I'm going to have to disagree that it would be negligible cost. This is NYS you know. Wetland permits$$$,Engineer$$,plans from engineer$$$,annual asbestos review?$$, yearly inspections$$ and of course cost to build and maintain. On top of that, this is what will matter.Once you've got all the funding, there will be a public comment and the Village of Lakewood will say they don't want such things in their Village.

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Sep-03-13 8:28 PM

I'm pretty sure it is private property. What makes any of you rocket scientists think it would be a municipal project.

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Sep-04-13 5:28 AM

Scalwag is absolutely correct.The property between Wallyworld and the mall is private property. It is owned by Simon property group who by the way owns the mall.Tough luck.

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Sep-04-13 5:29 AM

Scallywag is absolutely correct.The property between Wallyworld and the mall is private property. It is owned by Simon property group who by the way owns the mall.Tough luck.

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