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Thank?All Workers, Past And Present

September 1, 2013

This Labor Day will be something comfortable and familiar for many. Thousands of area residents will find their way to Bergman Park or Findley Lake for Labor Day celebrations....

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Sep-12-13 11:13 AM

I see a lot of whining about pay being too high ... probably by people who make even less. LEt's get real. The $15/hr rate for fast food workers is what the minimum wage wouel be if it had continued to track productivity gains after 1968 like it did from 1946 to that time. Basicaly, the rich now take it all, and those of you wh othink this is OK, please tell me why?

Here's a nice discussion about it: ****: // opinionator . blogs . nytimes . com/2013/09/10/can-the-government-actually-do-anything-about-inequality/ Tighten it up and take a look.

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Sep-02-13 12:18 PM

Redbird - your incoherent If that's being "woken up", then I'll stay asleep.

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Sep-01-13 9:31 PM

Irony, upset that I hit a little close to home, someone has the ba%%s to say how it really is! You try to make it political so you can hide behind all the B.S the you try to push on others. Time to wake the h#ll up!!!!!! Where is the largest portion of your county tax dollar spent? And with that being said,how much do you and the other taxpayers get in return? Like I said, WAKE THE HE## UP!!!!!!!!!

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Sep-01-13 8:07 PM

How did this Socialist piece get past Ogden? Must be they are on vacation. 10 bucks says some time next week they'll be a hit piece contradicting this one.

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Sep-01-13 12:41 PM

For all those that work,have worked,were working'but lost your job due to the economy,enjoy your day you deserve it!!! Some who are having this well deserved day off will get it with pay,others who work and get the day off won't. One thing is for sure though those that shy away from the responsibility of work, and on the 21.01 per hour benefit gravy train will surely get paid for that day!! For this very reason employers have a hard time giving better benefits to those employees who deserve because their coffers are being raped and plundered by the socialist,liberals that want to keep the gravy train going for that all important vote. A BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND THE RESPONSIBILITY OF WORK TO THIS COUNTRY!!! Those that don't,better think about what happens when the gravy train runs dry and stops for those who can,but choose not to work! When this day comes,and it will, you gun haters will wish you had one[gun] to protect you and yours from the bottom feeders!!!!!

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Sep-01-13 1:46 AM

Hopefully, the Jamestown area won't be subjected to protest rallies brought to you by the organizers of the Occupy Wall St. crowd on behalf of fast food workers demanding $15 an hour. Not to worry though, as Obamacare will cover burns from French fries and carpal tunnel from repetitive sandwich wrapping. For the record, I'm not down on fast food workers (majority of my family members have had these jobs) but all of a sudden after 50 years of being entry-level jobs for students and retirees supplementing incomes, these jobs are supposed to pay enough to support a family. What I mean to say is that I hope the historical importance of Labor Day is not forgotten. It's not lost on me that most all of today's occupational safety rules were written in blood.

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