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It’s A Sad Day ...

August 22, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Friday, Aug. 2, The Post-Journal ran Connie Schultz’ column about another round of newspaper cuts — and a toast. Especially sad because it is happening throughout the country .....

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Aug-22-13 5:31 AM

Great letter Leo! Yes, We tried so hard to do something to stop the sale of the Panama Canal but no one would listen.

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Aug-22-13 6:20 AM

If you're talking about it being a sign of the times about print going online, I say about time. Why? Because it's usually online shortly after midnight, no more really late newspapers, no more having to tip newspaper boys, and a lot less paper going into the trash. The Sunday paper alone kills with about 5 pounds of fillers!

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Aug-22-13 7:08 AM

“The decision to classify Fox News as satire has come after several years of evaluation regarding the sources of their reporting, and the bias of their programming. While much of their content is based on legitimate news, it is spun is a way that cannot not be deemed newsworthy to the viewing public. If Fox News so chooses to report actual news stories of legitimacy without skewing the content we may overturn our decision and reclassify the network to a valid news source once again.”

-FCC Statement

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Aug-22-13 7:27 AM

I was thinking to myself that finally, here is a great letter, then bam, the kudos to Fox News was thrown in. Sorry Leo, but I do watch Fox News on occasion and I can not agree with your opinion. We are all entitled to our own opinion, so that is all I have to say today.

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Aug-22-13 8:38 AM

Nonfiction, were you trying to be funny by posting the fake FCC statement or did you really believe it?

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Aug-22-13 9:39 AM

It is Satire in itself.

I'm doing exactly what Fox news does. Driving opinion as fact. I know a couple years ago they did report themselves that only on average 4 hours was news, the other 20 was opinion based current affairs entertainment.

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Aug-22-13 10:26 AM

Very well done, nonfiction. Google FCC - Fox News and then Google FCC - MSNBC. There is so much more satire pertaining to Fox than NBC. Why do you suppose that is? O'Reilly is good for many laughs, Hannity is just very hateful. If you like Hannity you must ask yourself why you hate so much. This letter is a lot like Fox Noise! The Panama canal was NOT sold, it was given to the Panamanians and the Chinese do not control it! Nicaragua is building a similar canal to rival Panama's with Chinese support. LOL, this letter writer could be a writer for O'Reilly!! LOL

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Aug-22-13 11:14 AM

"Fox News."

Oops...lost you there. They are just as lopsided as MSNBC. accept media bias narratives as the truth.

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Aug-22-13 12:27 PM

The Chinese control the Pacific and Atlantic coast? Dafuq?

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Aug-22-13 12:59 PM

Go to MediaMatters website to see and read how accurate Fox is. MSNBC is nothing like Fox. MSNBC has commentators that are more likely liberal. Fox twists, distorts and lies about stories to try and make the conservative stance seem logical, even if there is no real basis.

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Aug-22-13 2:07 PM

Fox News reported on Benghazi from DAY ONE. The Today Show? "Cricket Cricket". You all know what "cricket cricket" means, right? It means it's so quiet, you can HEAR the crickets. NO REPORTING ON BENGHAZI from ABC, CBS and NBC until AFTER the election. Get it, People!!

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Aug-22-13 2:15 PM

Yeah, so tell us all how FOX lies again.

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Aug-22-13 4:06 PM

nonfiction- Your taking the FCC as gospel is hilarious. Don't you know who is on the FCC. Obama political appointees with one even being a close relative of a Democrat in the House of Rep. from S. Carolina. Fox News content "is" mostly opinion but I defy anyone to contest that Special Report with Bret Baier isn't the best and fairest "news" reporting on TV. Next, go to Fox Business News (FBN) and listen to Lou Dobbs and The Willis Report for accurate info that you won't get elsewhere. It isn't that ABC and CBS outright lie, but theirs' are sins of omission. NBC and MSNBC are another matter much worse. CNN, CNBC, NPR and PBS stations slant to the left so badly that I no longer believe that they are able to objectively report the news. Fox "news", not opinion shows, is the fairest and are by far the best.

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Aug-22-13 4:15 PM

@carlaw -

We didn't sell the canal. We deeded it to Panama on the condition that it will remain permanently neutral. So far, so good. BTW, the Chinese do not have any sort of control. None. They operate ports under a contract that precedes the transfer.

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Aug-22-13 4:25 PM

Leo, I completely agree with your letter. Unfortunately, many local papers have been taken over by chains. I realize it's an inevitable sign of the times. I can also appreciate the editorial page being influenced by the owners of the newspaper chain. What myself and a great many others won't tolerate is when the chain uses the front page to editorialize. My current "hometown" paper is owned by McClatchey, based out of California. We're on the West Coast. Six different times the paper ran an article about a Republican Congressman from NYC getting busted for DUI. When nearly 40 Democratic politicians from New Jersey were convicted for corruption, it was mentioned once and the word Democratic was omitted. When Bush was Pres., the paper ran full front page stories and photos for four days about a dozen protesters criticizing the Iraq War. When 2,000 people held a public protest about Obamacare, not only no photos, there wasn't even so much as a small article on the back page.

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Aug-22-13 4:28 PM

DavidVA- you can use semantics all you want but the crux of the matter is that the Chinese have more influence in how the Canal is operated today than we do.

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Aug-22-13 5:28 PM

"About what I have no idea."

It only takes 10 seconds to view the massive amount of documentation in the form of video (duh, it's a TV channel), audio, and transcript.

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Aug-22-13 5:29 PM

"Six different times the paper ran an article about a Republican Congressman from NYC getting busted for DUI."

The last three times FedUp posted non-sourced claims like this I found proof he was WRONG.

Should I try again? He seems to think he can get away with lying as well. Either that or his memory is severely distorted. Biases will do that.

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Aug-22-13 5:30 PM

What paper is it, FedUp?

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Aug-22-13 5:34 PM

"Aug-22-13 1:44 PM Agree | Disagree

What is the last lie you heard him tell on his show. Come on now, don"t let me down. This is your big chance, don't blow it.

Aug-22-13 2:02 PM Agree | Disagree

howie, fiction, anybody.

Aug-22-13 2:10 PM Agree | Disagree

I know what cricket means.

Wow. It must hurt to be such a total loser with no life that you have to post constantly for hours, demanding answers multiple times within 25 minutes of asking a question. LOL, guess just like Seadog (if they are a different person) your day revolves around the PJ and you expect others to do the same.

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Aug-22-13 5:37 PM

I'm actually humored yet saddened that so many posters (more sadly so it's expected) accept the absurd statement that China controls the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

What a bunch of fools.

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Aug-22-13 6:03 PM

Yes it is cost. The paper has nothing in it. It took me about 2 minutes to scan the whole paper and check if there was anything worthwhile to read. So I quit having it delivered. I can get what I want online and I do think fox reports the whole truth and only truth and they tell you things liberal news won't . So you can read you liberal lies as for me I will read Fox online.

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Aug-22-13 6:57 PM

Hey you know those 3 black kids that killed the white man from Australia in Oklahoma? Yeah, it made news on FOX. Tell me, which one of those black kids looks like the president?

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Aug-22-13 7:00 PM

By the way, thanks FOX News for playing our National Anthem every morning. What's that you say MSNBC? Cricket Cricket . . .

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Aug-22-13 9:23 PM

OMG Does Rachel Maddow NOT watch the news? Tonight, while FOX is reporting on the 3 blacks killing the 1 white Australian, she's reporting on the 2008 NC election, that Obama won NC!!! Good grief!!

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