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You Can Lead A Child To Healthy Foods, But Will They Eat?

August 15, 2013

One year is far too small a sample size to judge the effectiveness of federal standards to make school lunches healthier....

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Aug-19-13 2:20 PM

As expected, Seadog avoids substantive material pertaining to possibly being educated out of his stupidity.

But a bonus! FedUp shows up with a token non-contribution. Bravo! So predictable.

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Aug-17-13 7:48 AM

Judging from the large number of comments ironyap seems to consider others to be less informed on the subject than ironyap. It might be true since a reflection upon past comments by ironyap would strongly indicate that ironyap is and has been frequently out to lunch.

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Aug-16-13 10:04 PM

Insofar as "jumping to conclusions", the only positions in a cafeteria are food service workers. They do not handle garbage as that is unsafe and unsanitary. Custodians do not only work in the cafeteria, they work all the over the school building.

Workinggirl clearly implies she's a food service worker. Custodians would not be able to witness food being thrown away, nor would they be able to evaluate waste.

And let me explain a little more concisely for the peanut gallery (the only peanut, it seems); the content of what is thrown away is important. It would be foolish to assume (HAHAHA, guess who is the one assuming? How ironic.) that the increase in trash would be related to a single issue. it could be that the increase in trash is due to a new packaging material, for example. That's assuming there was an actual increase in trash (I doubt there has been, it just confirms workinggirls bias to say so).

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Aug-16-13 10:00 PM

Perhaps Seadog is missing the part where he/she knows what the term "keeping track" means. Is that the issue? I thought we buried this, however, Seadog seems to lack a grasp of the English language.

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Aug-16-13 9:58 PM

"I can conclude that the store is selling MORE watermelons in the summer "without keeping tack".

LOL. I got a good one.

Say the PJ forums have 15 idiotic comments made every week. Then Seadog comes along and suddenly there are 150 idiotic things said a week; for example, making this absurd argument that one can keep statistics or empirical data without, as slang, "keeping track". Ironically, one has to keep track of Seadog's laughably malfunctioned thought process in order to validate Seadog's laughably malfunctioned thought process. I don't even know if there's a definition for the lack of common sense Seadog displays. Discussion zombie, even when he/she is wrong or out in left-field, just keeps chomping at the bit.

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Aug-16-13 9:51 PM

"If I said I worked in a factory, does that necessarily mean I run a machine - or could I be a fork lift operator, a custodian, or a material handler?"

Did you just include a custodian with all those other positions? LOL, really? "I work in a factory...I clean out the trash." LOL, nobody says that. More humor from Seadog in a feeble attempt to prove a point. Captain Literal's main weakness seems to be attempting to drive home points with nonsense.

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Aug-16-13 11:51 AM

I laughed again at Seadog for many reasons this time.

First, he completely avoids recoiling on his comment that she is not "keeping track". The sad part is time after time someone has to spoon-feed Seadog concepts and definitions in order for him/her to grasp basic concepts.

Fact is, she would have to "keep track".

But that's small potatoes made large by Seadog (he/she is good at stirring up hoopla over nothing).

The other thing that Seadog says which is funny is that he thinks cafeteria workers take out the trash. Last I checked, food service workers don't handle trash. Janitors do. But what do I know? Additionally, even if there was more trash, making the equation based on confirmation bias is a logical fallacy (i.e. that there is more trash because of A) and not B) or a combination of A) and B) or others.

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Aug-16-13 7:25 AM

I asked you a question, Captain Literal.

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Aug-15-13 9:19 PM

Dumb and Dumber...

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Aug-15-13 8:33 PM

I am to the understanding the Obama administration is lacing school lunches with the deadly drug knowen as ironyoozesfromu it will make everyone as predictable as all liberal whacks so we can be led like sheep. Think for yourself

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Aug-15-13 5:23 PM

"where did working girl say she kept track?"

Captain Literal strikes again! least for some of you, you can be commended for your consistency. Probably a week ago you were pulling the same schtick.

It's kind of nice, we can name a few of you and create a movie:

50s4ever as SuperRace: Able to turn any conversation into a racial conversation with a single comment!

Seadog as the trusty Captain Literal: The power to lack understanding of paraphrase, metaphor, simile, or hyperbole. He'll knock your socks off! (Just don't tell him he did or else he'd be checking the cushions)

FedUp as The Analogy: Combats intelligence with baseless storytelling!

"Obviously, someone that works in a cafeteria everyday would be able to tell how much food is being thrown out compared to in the past."

Sooo...if she's not "keeping track" in this scenario, what is she doing? LOL, you're hilarious.

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Aug-15-13 2:55 PM

I haven't proved anything 50's. I'm simply asking some questions here. Truth be told, I'm not sure if you've ever been proved right on any matter.

BTW, I'm a registered Republican, business owner, gun owner, hunter, former farmer and former football coach. Your leap to label be a lib (stupid, or otherwise) because I'm for kids being served food that doesn't come in a paper wrapping is a big mistake on your part.

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Aug-15-13 2:23 PM

We should also make them bring their own lamps and/or candles. Save electricity.

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Aug-15-13 2:22 PM

Workinggirl has been keeping track of the lunches being thrown away.


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Aug-15-13 2:02 PM

Bathrooms? We had two. And without government interference we knew who used which. Thanks to you libs now any******pubescent can choose which one they like to hang out in.

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Aug-15-13 1:59 PM

flashbo you just proved me right again. We never called cops or professional counselors either.

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Aug-15-13 1:54 PM

I have worked in the cafeteria at a school for years. More food is getting thrown away now then ever before. A lot of parents get food stamps for their kids and then the kids come to school and get free breakfast and lunches and throw them in the garbage cans. Let the parents pack the kids lunches and save on all the workers and the food handed out.

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Aug-15-13 11:50 AM

let's carry that "schools are not parents" logic to its natural conclusion. If school cafeterias are an overreach by "stupid libs". What about school busses? Shouldn't actual parents be responsible for getting their kids to school? Class room discipline? Say a kid blows up in class. What do we do? Call dad to come in and make him stop? Bathrooms? Shouldn't they go at home? Think of the savings.

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Aug-15-13 10:54 AM

Stupid libs. Schools are not parents. They have no business feeding your kids anything. I went to a school with no cafeteria. We had the new social benefit of free milk for poorest kids. There were four kids in school overweight, and none from junk food. Today they would look average. Save billions every year.

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Aug-15-13 10:44 AM

At the end of the day, would you rather see the nasty chicken patty fall into the trash or healthy greens?

I'm sure kids throw away just as much of both.

I remember when Michelle Obama was trying to educate kids on eating healthy and exercising and she was derided. Isn't that more than this? Wasn't she doing more, educating?

The irony is the fools deriding this program are likely many of those who have the obesity problems.

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Aug-15-13 10:42 AM

Yeah, Flash. They want you to have healthy free radicals that will improve your memory and intelligence so they can control it.

Get it?

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Aug-15-13 9:24 AM

Schools swapping out pizza logs and snack cakes for apples and sweet corn is evidence of some sort of government mind control?

Interesting theory.

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Aug-15-13 8:53 AM

Schools have no business being involved in diets for children. They shouldn't even be feeding them. The government is raising your kids their way, proving parents are not to be trusted or respected.

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Aug-15-13 8:48 AM

Fruits and vegetables are "plopped" on the lunch tray? Exactly how does one "plop" an apple?

I don't doubt much of the good stuff is going to waste, but that's only half the equation. Ask yourself what glob of empty calories wasn't "plopped" on that tray in the spot where the apple landed.

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Aug-15-13 5:35 AM

Federal Gov't. dictating public education menus with a "one size fits all" policy is their typical myopic approach. Caloric levels set by Michelle Obama and her lackeys don't account for the wide discrepancy between students active in sports and those who are relatively sedentary. In a typical school year, it's not uncommon for some students to grow as much as 6 inches while others may barely grow an inch. And then we have school administrations and teachers' unions "fighting child obesity" by eliminating mandatory physical education which seems to have as it's primary result, a shortened workday.

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