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Something Must Be Done With Deer Population

August 2, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I took a beautiful picture this morning of a mother deer with two fawns. They are beautiful and destructive creatures that I don’t believe I should need to deal wit....

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Aug-07-13 12:24 PM

Wow, who would've thought that this would be such a hot topic? XD

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Aug-04-13 2:17 AM

Apparently you have never heard of liquid deer fence. Also why would anybody waste time growing flowers instead of vegetables. When food becomes too expensive at the grocery stores, I will enjoy eating my vegetables, while you can enjoy looking at your flowers and listening to your stomach rumble.

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Aug-04-13 2:11 AM

Deer are not destroying the planet. People are. Something must be done about people.

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Aug-03-13 9:20 AM

The deer in the city are far less distructive than most of the other animals that live there. The ones I refer to is the animals that rent the slums and feed off the taxpayers. I've lived in the country my whole life and the deer ate the bottom off of one ornimental shrub we planted. Mrs scallywag got her panties in a bunch but I could care less. It's what wild animals do to stay alive. The blood sucking welfare garbage have a choice. Get a job. Deer repopulate at a natural rate not to satisfy there animalistic desires or draw a bigger check from the taxpayers. Wild animals have a better prospective of morals than a growing part of the human population. Every time I leave the comfort and security of my country home and enter the cesspool of what was once an all American city all I can do is shed a tear. I'll take the four legged friends any time. That's said by an avid archery hunter. When rifle season begins once again I head for the comfort of my home

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Aug-02-13 9:21 PM

How about all the other animals that roam the city, coyotes, bears & cougars that are more trouble than a few deer eating her bushes. And yes Virgina there are cougars in our area. Have seen one with my own eyes.

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Aug-02-13 8:21 PM

Jamestownite does not support ways to feed the hungry at soup kitchens and believes that children are a bad thing. If this world is so overpopulated and is the reason for the deer problem, then take the lead and go to the moon-along with your liberal claptrap.

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Aug-02-13 7:00 PM

Yep. Bait and shoot, and shoot an innocent kid or parent. Nice.

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Aug-02-13 6:58 PM

Humans are about a million times as destructive than any other animal. I've never known an animal to create things like plastic or landfills of waste, toxic or not, that won't biodegrade for millions of years. Who says we're a controlled species? Have you been to the local DSS office lately?

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Aug-02-13 4:43 PM

Shoot them and give the meat to the local food pantries and soup kitchens. That is what prey animals are on this planet for - to feed the predators. It is called mother nature.

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Aug-02-13 3:43 PM

Like other posts indicated, deer eat most of what I plant and I'm surrounded by thousands of acres of woods. No matter where you live, you must either use fencing or plant deer resistant stuff. I understand that simple fishing line works very well... it scares the deer because they feel it but can't see it.

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Aug-02-13 3:20 PM

KCW - less about regulated hunting, more about lack of natural predation. Large carnivores have been driven to extinction by the expansion of agriculture.

Which leads back to the fact that as long as humans do what they do, deer will do what they do.

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Aug-02-13 2:53 PM

It's not an issue of human overpopulation that's causing whitetail deer problems throughout the eastern U.S. (the estimated population of deer in NYS in 1967 was around a quarter million animals, today it's around one million) Rather it's the fact that deer are generally protected by strictly regulated hunting, or now live in urban areas with no hunting allowed. Add to that their abilities to successfully adapt to the human controlled environment, such as the manicured landscapes of suburbia, where their only predator is the deadly Buick! In the past several decades they've even setup housekeeping in long settled urban areas! Take a drive up Furman Blvd (Rt 5) in Buffalo, just before the Skyway. Between the deer, turkeys and geese you'd think you were "Home on the Range". That scene didn't exist 50 years ago.

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Aug-02-13 2:30 PM

The simplest solution is a pretty fence--wood or wrought iron. It might not be your first choice, because it costs money, but it is the easiest and best looking way to solve the problem.

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Aug-02-13 1:21 PM

Humans are the most destuctive animal. They kill in groups and for fun. Cats do the same, but are put down for being hunters. Not happy with what they do, but that is the balance of nature. They get mostly the sick, old and the stupid.

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Aug-02-13 11:44 AM

There are good rats? Deer are your neighbors. You planted a smorgasborg.

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Aug-02-13 10:31 AM

"Cats kill the rats & dogs chase the unwanted deer away. It is the NATURAL way that things were meant to be."

Cats are natural? Dogs are natural? Really?

Cats are one of the worst invasive species in this country. Feral cats, specifically...but any outdoor cat. They kill and kill native species; they don't say, "oh, there's one of those bad rats again" they kill indiscriminately.

I was actually going to comment that if the letter writer wants to talk about destructive animals, the cat should be front-and-center.

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Aug-02-13 10:10 AM

I live in the middle of the woods and have had great success with deer resistant plants. Not all of my perennials are deer resistant but the few I have work great. I have scads of shrubs, hydrangea included and not a single problem.

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Aug-02-13 8:44 AM

Then quit over populating the Earth with your darn humanity. This is the problem: They were here long before we were and we've taken their land. The problem isn't with the deer or the "tree huggers". The problem lies with humans need to keep repopulating, and with it more and more homes, hospitals, industry..things that take away from nature.

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Aug-02-13 8:43 AM

I live in the country and the deer eat my shrubs too. If you want to protect them, put up a fence. The deer are only doing what comes naturally, eating to stay alive.

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Aug-02-13 8:42 AM

Venison is a healthy choice, all natural, cheap, lower calories than other meats. Whats more important than your health? Lower health care costs and the state gets money from permits.

Maybe it would ease the supply of farm raised calfs, piglets and chicks, those cute babies.

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Aug-02-13 8:14 AM

This is what happens when you force everyone to tie up their dogs & send all the cats to the SPCA. Cats kill the rats & dogs chase the unwanted deer away. It is the NATURAL way that things were meant to be. Instead of the SPCA begging for money, let these animals go. The natural way of the world will keep the population down. Along with a few fast cars..

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Aug-02-13 7:39 AM

Has anyone noticed the woodchucks, skunks, possums? I alos see crows tearing at garbage bags....ARM THE CITIZEN AND END THIS DESTRUCTION!!!!

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Aug-02-13 6:54 AM

Call peta, they have all the answers.

I remember when venison (delicacy) was on the menu in jails and prisons. (Nys regulations put an end to that).

I love grass fed, organically raised, without hormones, low fat venison. It doesn't get any better.

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Aug-02-13 6:21 AM

Death is the answer...Deer belong in the wild, not our back yard...Trust me, it will be taken care of soon...Just need to get these tree huggers out of the way and convince the city to just do a bait and shoot...Then donate the meat to the poor...Simple...

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Aug-02-13 1:36 AM

Death is not the answer. We have too many people, yet a nice welfare program to feed and clothe them. Want your plants, put up a fence. I am tired of wildlife being prey to people who could prevent their foliage damage by fencing. We have to learn to coexist peacefully, all Gods creatures, Humans included.

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