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Dear Senator Young And Assemblyman Goodell:

July 27, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: Hunting is important to sportsmen and sportswomen in Chautauqua County....

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Jul-27-13 5:00 AM

I enjoy hunting but do not think hunting deer in the Allegheny Foothills is much sport with a rifle. If people are taking the meat to eat, that is fantastic. I would advocate for the use of a rifle in a bait and shoot situation to ensure accuracy. However, true sportsmen will use a bow as that takes far more work than being at 250 yards with a rifle waiting for a deer to walk down a scent trail.

Glad that TEA party got its rifles. I can see them all hunting from the comfort of their lawn chairs now.

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Jul-27-13 5:45 AM

With the fiscal condition that ALL of Chautauqua County finds itself in...along with the employment issue in this is amazing to see these two republiCON legislators bow down to a handful of gun loonies for a few votes.

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Jul-27-13 6:24 AM

Wow, go back to bed...You have NO clue what you are talking about...People LEAVE our county for other counties and states to hunt deer with rifles, thus taking money from our county in related sales and tags. Rifles cause no extra harm or death then a shotgun or falling from your stand...You two are idiots and are what make this country no a days suck...Get a clue and shut it...

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Jul-27-13 6:50 AM

Busti470, your economic argument for the use of a rifle to hunt is circumspect. The idea that changing the weapon used to hunt will impact upon the number of animals harvested is incongruent. Also, there is possible a secondary affect of costing the county money when it comes to supplies for hunting with a rifle as there are less people in the county who have the capability to make rifle rounds where as there are many who pack their own ammunition for shotgun hunting.

In regards to safety, in the topographic environment we have in the area, I am not a fan of rifle hunting. It is a lazy man's approach. But what the TEA Party are saying is that now they have greater reason to keep high calibre weapons omnipresent as they are justifiable hunting weapons. |of course, you have to read between the lines|

I'm sad to see your reading comprehension is so poor and your eloquence so lacking in your response. Try harder next time?

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Jul-27-13 7:22 AM

Most hunters like the additional meat however if one is into baging a deer for the sport, when the deer walks below your tree stand, jump on their back and ride em till they say uncle..

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Jul-27-13 7:44 AM

Well its here to stay Henry..the rifle bill...ur opion is fine, buy i know lots of people are happy its here. My examples are true of economic rebounds for the area and know alot of hunters who are coming back here to hunt. Rifle is not lazy mans weapon and i dont need big words to state the truth, you need them to show your stupidity. Get a clue and **** your mouth...

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Jul-27-13 8:20 AM

Must be an extremely slow news week at the PJ, all I see is thank you this and thank you that. I've yet to see another paper do this, except in the classifieds section.

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Jul-27-13 8:31 AM

Another subject HH is completely unfamiliar with, but must practice his language skills while proving his ignorance.

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Jul-27-13 8:48 AM

HenryH, What are you talking about? "Bait and shoot" for big game (almost any game for that matter) is illegal. Why would you even suggest it? Please explain your theory as to how the use of center fire rifles during the firearm portion of the deer might possibly cost the county money, as opposed to using shotgun slugs? While a great many shotgun users reload with "shot" for trap/skeet and small game hunting, it is an extreme rarity to find one that rolls his own slugs. On the other hand there are in fact a large % of centerfire rifle users that reload their own ammo for both target and hunting, as to do handgun shooters. Are you referring to sales tax? Yes, it's historically been true that it cost somewhat less to reload than to buy factory ammo, but reloaders shoot far more (buy far more components) than do people who only buy factory ammo.

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Jul-27-13 10:31 AM

A "handful of gun loonies" CrazyCarl? Evidently you didn't noticed that most area hunters had converted to rifle use by the end of the 2012 season (the second year where they were allowed in the county). That conversion rate has been typical of the other areas counties the southern tier were rifle use has been phased in over the past eight to ten years. That's a pretty big "handful" of people! Oh, and by the way, the overall hunting related accident rate has actually gone DOWN in those areas where rifles have recently been permitted.

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Jul-27-13 2:22 PM

Busti, are you going to take your rifle and go home? *I mean that in the most condescending manner possible*

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Jul-27-13 2:29 PM

KCW007, you are correct and I agree with you. We have a poaching problem and we all know of places and people that do baiting. Weapon of choice was always a high powered rifle.

I don't really car about the law. I care that a group such as the TEA Party see this as a victory for something greater than sport. I take my tags each year and tend to do with a bow. If I need to go to shotgun, I will. However, I'm not crazy about having rifles used with any regularity. I own a couple rifles and I want to own those weapons but do not see the victory in using them for deer season.

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Jul-27-13 2:32 PM

Loonie and Doggie, it is your type that tend to do the bait and shoot. People who think very highly of themselves and think they have the right to take what they want any time they want. Go up to the State Lands and listen outside of season. With regularity, you'll find evidence of baiting. However, I suspect that neither of you ever get out of your trailers.

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Jul-27-13 2:35 PM

50s, I know I used some concise language to articulate my point which exceeds your ability to comprehend but I'm hopeful that if you commit yourself to using the dictionary in the library, you'll find a way to understand instead of retorting in an obtuse manner negating any argument. I know, I'm hoping for too much.

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Jul-27-13 2:55 PM

Monkey, you are right. Hope my wife and boyfriend does not read the comment thread when that happens. *A bit of humor of course* -- 50s makes me sad and I have found with him and the others in the Peanut Gallery, it is not worth spending much time in setting out an argument for the very reason you have highlighted. The retorts tend to be out of ignorance and backed with very little substance. In a county that has such wonderful bastions of culture such as Chautauqua Institution, SUNY Fredonia and our various nature education programs, we continue to champion people who spout ignorant rhetoric. There is a core of people (or maybe just a couple of persons with a few PJ accounts) who spend a lot of time evangelizing their message of close-mindedness and uneducated viewpoints.

I think most simply ignore engaging on the PJ for this very fact. I continue to do it for the kick and giggle I get out of seeing how the non sequitur are strung together.

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Jul-27-13 3:20 PM

HenryH., Are you implying that the legalization of the use of centerfire rifles during the gun portion of the big game season will translate into an increase in year round illegal poaching? There've always been plenty of rifles at hand, just like yours for example, suitable for illegal purposes, but only if the hands that hold them have such intent. Do you somehow believe that the guy/gal that formerly used a slug gun would now be more inclined to engage in an illegal activity because they now use a rifle? You do understand that there are people who will assert that if you aren't using a firearm for lawful hunting purposes, then you have no legitimate need of it.

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Jul-27-13 3:31 PM

KCW, I have not nor am I implying anything which you have written at 3:20pm.

I am being very overt. My position is: 1. All weapons should be owned. 2. Not all weapons should be used for hunting in Chautauqua County. 3. This article and the TEA Party movement could careless about hunting. Instead, they wish to create an issue out of local laws which make sense due to the topography. 4. My position is that rifles reduce the sport and increase the likelihood for unintended consequences. 5. I think rifles are a lazy way of hunting deer.

I accept that a person who wish to break the law will break the law. I am in no way seeking to restrict gun ownership.

Simply put, the TEA Party per the Author's letter, are celebrating the change in a law for reasons beyond hunting.

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Jul-27-13 5:14 PM

Onlyh HH could use all those words in his 2:35 post and say nothing a person without his ego up his ass could say in one sentence. Besides, poking live animals with sharp sticks is not a sport.

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Jul-27-13 7:37 PM

"Besides, poking animals with sticks is not a sport." I repeatedly wrestled with the thought of bringing up the unspoken nitty gritty that goes with slinging those razor pointed little spears, but I didn't see any upside in doing so in a public forum. But seeing as the matter has now been broached; what's your take on that issue HenryH, being such a sporting man and all?

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Jul-27-13 8:13 PM

I have hunted for many decades with gun and archery (recurve and compound), my own opinion is that it is the easiest way to bag a deer by far is archery. The deer dont know you are there, my farthest shot is 18 yrs, standing shot. Never missed.. Was recovered within 50 yds.

On the orther hand, during gun season, the deer (many times) was running like mad through brush, trees, etc, not easy to bag..

The fact that the tea party persons are thankful in this letter (cherished American Bros and Sisters, along with all the rest of us) means nothing to us who respect all Americans...

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Jul-28-13 3:38 AM

Loonie, your reading comprehension fails you yet again. Who in this conversation is anti-gun? You really need to take up those literacy classes like we discussed before.

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Jul-28-13 3:42 AM

Oh 50s, your school yard retort has become so standardized. Heck, I should just write your response for you in my response to save us all time. It would be great if you might get more creative in your responses but I know I'm really hoping for more than your existing competencies probably allow.

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Jul-28-13 3:48 AM

Brent, I agree that if you go bow hunting with all the scent on and have spent the time to learn the patterns the deer will walk right up to you. For sport, I advocate that stalking without prior spotting is 'sport'. I am not a fan of treestands and I have a personal rule of having to be within 35 yards to release.

Using your argument, that is a strong position for not using long weapons as it will increase the risks to those in the woods. I really do not want people shooting down these valley runs.

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Jul-28-13 3:50 AM

KCW, you have my response. A bow takes far more skill than a firearm.

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Jul-28-13 3:55 AM

Henry is not antigun. He is anti Tea party and entitled to that opinion. Why would anyone care?

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