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An Imperial Presidency

July 22, 2013

Since when does the U.S....

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Aug-04-13 3:52 PM

Loner is playing his favorite 3rd grader's game, "If I'm one, you're one too". I call him childish and tell him to stay on topic and now it's his answer to everything. Write your own stuff, Loner. Big Boy stuff.

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Aug-04-13 3:44 PM

Poor Baby!

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Aug-03-13 2:13 PM

Poor Baby!

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Jul-31-13 2:59 PM

I see nothing you have written here that relates to the subject except the letter you plagiarized. Every other comment since then has been about other posters. You win the prize!

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Jul-30-13 2:04 PM

Children go through their "potty mouth" stage at about 4 years. Some appear to get stuck at that stage of development.

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Jul-29-13 1:37 PM

The second most childish comment here, "But maybe he did mean the democrats as they are quite rectal" can also be attributed to Lonerider,. Does anyone see pattern here of scatological obsession?

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Jul-29-13 1:19 PM

"About as good as the hemorroid you use as a brain", I think qualifies as the MOST childish statement I have seen here in a while. In addition, when you use a big word like "hemorrhoid" you really should look up the spelling or pay attention to spell-check.

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Jul-28-13 2:59 PM

Anyone with a 3rd grade education knows that one must attribute a source to quotes. Saying "you're too lazy, look for yourself" after using that quote to justify your position is the epitome of laughably weird.

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Jul-28-13 2:34 PM

If you are too lazy or too devious to list who the quote is from, I just consider it to be made up, like most of your factoids.

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Jul-27-13 2:28 PM

Loner, I understand what quotation marks mean. My point is that you should state WHO you are quoting. It is particularly important with you since you usually use right-wing websites as your "authority". Then the reader can decide if your source is credible.

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Jul-26-13 4:38 PM

The congressional black caucus wants no Republicans or white members voted into office by black districts. It might interfere with their complaints of blatant racism and partisan politics. If it weren't so stupid, it would be funny. Like Trayvon Martin's Dad telling them he wants to make better race relations. It's equivalent to a troop of Klansmen removing their hoods and revealing black faces.

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Jul-26-13 10:41 AM

The Republican policy of obstruction to anything proposed by any Democrat is blatantly obvious. Mr Obama wants to get things done so he maneuvers his way past the obstructions to do his job for the American people. Then the right, frustrated by their failure to obstruct, call him an "imperial president."

I try to keep my cynicism from degrading into pure bitterness but editorials like this one make it a lot harder.

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Jul-25-13 12:48 PM

Loner, how about telling us whose words you are using and who is your source who can't spell. You should at least proof what you cut and paste.

You are really getting paranoid, Loner. Your fantasy that Reid and Pelosi consider you a "lesser person and that I come here just to critique your posts. You really need to get over yourself. That statement about Democrats being rectal was crude and childish.

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Jul-24-13 3:58 PM

Loner, do you know what "reactionary" means? It means even more conservative than Conservatives. Are you saying that Democrats in Congress are even more conservative than the GOP?

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Jul-24-13 11:52 AM

Just for grins, does any one here know what comes down the pipe if we build the XL pipeline? The Athabasca oil sands are just plain nasty, and the faux-petroleum that's extracted is among the most toxic stuff on the planet.

Go to Fort McMurray Alberta for a quick introduction. Lackawanna at its worst smelled like a rose garden in comparison.

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Jul-24-13 11:31 AM

We only two parties: a rectionary one(GOP) and a conservative one (Democratic). In the last election, we had no liberals running for any top office, except in third parties. Remove the dashes, replace <dot> with a period and go to h-t-t-p-:-/-/-politicalcompass<dot>org/uselection2012

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Jul-24-13 4:26 AM

How in the world do you figure the XL Pipeline will cause higher gas prices? Recently completed distribution pipelines from refiners to export locations have enabled us to compete globally as our oil is cheaper than Brent Sea crude. XL completion would add to our supply of refined gasoline. To increase the amount of gas that would stay in U.S. and lead to lower prices at the pump, Obama could do 1 of 2 things. Tack on an export tariff to dampen demand from overseas or cut the Federal tax on a gallon of gas. But Obama will do neither of these because Obama WANTS higher gas prices. He's said it repeatedly and various people in his administration have publicly said it. Only the useful, blind sheep will continue to place all of the blame for higher prices on oil companies and refiners.

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Jul-23-13 7:02 PM

XL pipeline=higher price for gas that will be sent to highest bidder. China? Forget Congress, they are more interested in fighting Dems and securing their own interests than in what is good for USA. Sad--I would hope all would wakeup and work for our country.

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Jul-23-13 12:29 PM

Lately, Dems like Dick Durbin (Sen.-IL) have called on Republicans to help fix Obamacare. Why should they? If Congress were to try to fix this intentionally complicated law, they would be doing so for decades? Can you even comprehend how much time this would require Congress to spend doing this unending fix. Consider that just a simple 3 hour committee meeting costs more than 50,000 dollars, it's not a stretch to see "fixing" could easily run into the hundreds of millions and that's not even counting all the wasted tens of billions implementing the parts that would later be changed or thrown out. Write a new law that would keep the one or two good things in Obamacare but allow people to buy health insurance across state lines(like car ins.) and give us some tort reform that includes lawyers only getting 10-15% of settlement awards instead of the 30-40% they now take from the victims.

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Jul-23-13 12:18 PM

Howard, did what I write sink in? How many times has the House passed legislation only to have Harry Reid say it is DOA in the Senate. I'm not saying the Senate would pass the House bill as is, but why not allow the Senate to debate, possibly amend and then vote on the bills. That's the way it's been done prior to Obama becoming President. Now, some will say I'm being unfair to Obama but this is being done at his behest. If it were otherwise, Obama as the leader of the Democratic Party would be publicly calling out Harry Reid to start trying to work with the Republicans. Take Obamacare. Dems actually wrote the entire 2000+ pages behind locked doors, no debate, no input from people representing half of the nation and 20,000 pages of regulations written since then. Dems attack Republicans for passing 37 bills striking down Obamacare because repeal is the only sensible thing to do with more than 22,000 pages of poorly written law. Cont.)

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Jul-23-13 7:04 AM

When there are record amounts of filibusters the president has to do something to get things done. FedUpL8ly, to blame Harry Reid and not mention the House, well, that is just typical, aye?

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Jul-23-13 6:45 AM

Ogden owns it. They have the right to write the editorials. Obama is just President, he doesn't own the country.

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Jul-23-13 2:55 AM

Harry Reid blocks the normal legislative process by refusing debates, votes on bills which is basically doing nothing and then Obama insists that he has to do his unilateral Executive Orders because Congress is gridlocked. Congress is the truest representation of the American people and they, more than a one-man "banana republic", should set the broad agenda for our country.

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Jul-23-13 2:49 AM

PWU- Are you saying that since the XL Pipeline won't control the price of gasoline all by itself, then it's not worth building! Are you serious? There is not one single thing on this earth that will control the price of our gasoline and that includes the Suez Canal. DavidVA repeatedly claims he's not an Obama fan but sure talks like one. Obama is so far to the left of "liberal" that to say otherwise is ridiculous. He's more Socialist than some of the Socialist Democrats running some of the European countries. Some domestic Democrats used to feign indignation when Obama was first called a Socialist 3-4 years ago. Now they don't even bother to protest the tag. How can they when nearly half of the Democrats serving in the House of Representatives are openly avowed members of the Democratic Socialists of America. Something else to think about. Obama has Harry Reid do nothing in the Senate, not even pass a budget for four years which is a violation of the law. Cont.)

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Jul-22-13 5:21 PM

"An Imperial President? Tha'ts the last one. He started two huge wars on his own, and managed to hand the mess to his successor"

We're you sleeping, drunk, or high during that time period? Unlike Barry and Libya, GWB got CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL for starting those " two huge wars".

And if I may, your hero has been in office for 4 plus years and there have been MORE Americans killed under his watch in Afganistan than under Bush.

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