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Area Should Have Done More For Company

July 21, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: In reference to the June 28 article: “Unanticipated Outcome. Pet Care Company Opts Out Of Old Fairbanks Farms Building Becuase of Water Unavailabilit....

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Jul-21-13 7:07 AM

The co. initially planned to hire 25 people, hiring more to a total of 100 was anticipated, not guaranteed, after 5 years. The amount of water required is huge, 200k gallons per day. On top of the cost of running the water lines, you must also consider discharge. I'd expect the water discharge would also require that sewer lines be run to this location. I'd also wonder if the water treatment system can handle the additional capacity. From there, you simply calculate the costs vs the benefits as well as the risk (for example, the co. may leave before 5 years or never expand). I'd expect this is what happened.

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Jul-21-13 8:05 AM

Really Renaldo? Most of us read those statements when first released. And again this is why you do studies of the area before you do business there.

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Jul-21-13 10:01 AM

and our fascination with big box stores and minimum wage jobs continues

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Jul-21-13 11:55 AM

100 families on welfare (without jobs) makes better sense than 100 wage earners for some people?


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Jul-21-13 12:49 PM

Oh. I didn't know it was our responsibility. We serve companies now?

I'll take a business that hires 20 people at a living wage over one that hires 100 people at minimum wage who will still need government assistance to keep a roof over their heads.

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Jul-21-13 6:04 PM

And so in the end you got nothing. That's the liberal way. D.C. is trying to dictate to Wall Mart. Any bets as to that outcome. You take what you can get when times are tough. When unemployment is 3% or less THEN you can start being picky.

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Jul-21-13 9:44 PM

Something was grossly wrong here. IDA should have brought up utility needs at the very beginning of the process. To have it not come up until this late tells me that IDA dropped the ball before it was ever in play. Pathetic, to say the least.

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Jul-22-13 5:56 AM

Easy for armchair quarterbacks to criticize the IDA now after the fact... you certainly would have done no better and probably much worse based on your thought process. This high water demand is unusual and the only ones aware of it were those with the petcare co... for them not to clarify the water demand until so late was clearly a big mistake on their part.

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Jul-22-13 6:45 AM

The way Chautauqua county is being ran at all levels is pretty poor. When it comes to employment in this area it is very poor and should receive a grade of "F", right along with NY State overall!!! Politicians are a big reason our country is in such bad shape. I can't think of one politician in the U.S. that really deserves any kudos for the work they have performed!

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Jul-22-13 8:08 AM

100% correct Charles. This should be the job of the IDA. It is their job to ask questions like this at the beginning stages of negotiations. Renaldo, why are you giving them a "pass"?

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Jul-22-13 8:55 AM

I just try to put myself in the shoes of both sides, pretty simple. How this co. could fail to clarify such an unusual requirement is beyond me. Government is an easy target, too easy for many, but it's not always justified.

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Jul-22-13 3:39 PM

The petcare co said it was going to put 20 million into the property. I wonder what that would mean in additional tax revenue?

Anyone know whats going on at that property now?

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