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Phase III Phased Out At WCA

‘Supervised Exercise ... Covered Under Phase II’

July 21, 2013

Cardiac rehab patients at WCA Hospital may soon be looking for an alternative....

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Jul-22-13 9:52 PM

first of all the liberal dems who are clamouring for Obama care are the exact people causing costs to be so high. they are lazy, use their foodstamps to eat unhealthy junk food and never wanna be held accountable. then when a drug or procedure adds 8 years to their lives after a heartattack. They join the class action lawsuit that gets the liberal lawyer millions increasing costs. money for nothing. We were just offered disability checks for our newborn due to his condition and although were struggling right now we turned it down because i will work harder and teach my boys what it means to feel pride in hard work and success no matter how tough

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Jul-22-13 9:51 AM

Enough is enough! It's time to curb all these Gov benefits; taxpayers are over burdened. The race baiters and vote buyers are putting America in mortal jeopardy. Detroit is a perfect example of what unions and democrats will do to this country if not stopped now. It's too bad only a few of the people who voted for these so called leaders will feel the pain caused by blindly following these maggots.

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Jul-21-13 9:14 PM

You people would be the first to squeal,when you get the bill,call your insurance company or Medicare and whine to them.

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Jul-21-13 7:50 PM

Jamestownite ........ Public schools and libraries are funded by tax must not have to pay taxes or you would have known that.

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Jul-21-13 7:21 PM

Since many here don't think all legalized Americans deserve free healthcare, let's take away our other free things like public schools and free libraries.

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Jul-21-13 7:17 PM

Why would anyone want to go to Worst Care Available anyways? Eww!

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Jul-21-13 3:13 PM

Seamen, I don't know about you but I survived because I have a job that provides health insurance, unlike tens of millions of other Americans. As medical technology continues to improve and becomes more and more expensive, more and more Americans are being denied healthcare for economic reasons. You guys complain about "illegals" getting free healthcare, but you all seem to think you're entitled to state of the art care free of charge. "Healthcare for me, but not for thee" is your song, not mine.

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Jul-21-13 11:33 AM

That's $44 MILLION OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS. Yup your local hospital that delivers care 24/7 will not be paid for their services to the tune of $44 M so the government can introduce Obama Care. Pay attention to the choices your politicians make for you. They are making choices about your life, and now including your health. Yikes, I'm scared.

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Jul-21-13 11:00 AM

Unfortunately, Health Care will never be the same in light of Obama Health Care exchanges and Health Care Reform. Hospitals, like WCA, will not have the same opportunity to serve patients in the same way they have in the past, giving services even if it means, hospitals will not be paid for the services or paid a very small fee for service. Hospitals like WCA will loss approximately $44 over the next ten years, just in reimbursement cuts from state and federal governments so the government can support Obama Care. Hospitals can no longer offer services just to care for their communities when government will cut their reimbursement at every level. Health Care if rapidly changing and we must change with it. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost, just like the patients who can no longer exercise in the hospital setting. Oh boy, we better read up on the Obama Exchanges, universal coverage will change the way we are cared for. Yikes, I'm scared

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Jul-21-13 8:32 AM

Two words describe the end of medical care as we know it in America. Obama Care! Here comes the lack of Doctors, Here comes the increased co-pays Here comes more free healthcare for illegals Here comes bloated and non- efficient Government employee unions to bleed dry what's left of health care dollars. Obama is nothing but a narcissist who's supporters would gladly drink the Cool lade as follower at Guiana did for the likes of Jim Jones?

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Jul-21-13 7:40 AM

I know you people just use "Obamacare" as an expletive, but without national healthcare reform these stories will be more prevalent, not less.

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Jul-21-13 7:20 AM

So maybe WCA should do phase III free of charge and not pay the staff,equipment etc.? Really? This is just the beginning of Obama care. Just wait. There will be a lot more.

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Jul-21-13 5:24 AM

Same thing happened to my Grandson 20 years ago. Sent by helicopter from Westfield Hospital to St. Vincent's. Was upsetting & unnecessary. Nothing wrong with the kid, but expensive.

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Jul-21-13 3:21 AM

couldn't even bring myself to read tbe entire article. Got to the $$$$$$greed part and shut my eyes. This is the same facility that sent 7 staff members into my wives room an hour after she gave birth to our son informing hr that her child was gonna die. He had so many emergency needs that had to be immediately corrected and she must agree to send him via helicopter to st Vincent's in erie. Immediately, no other option. Scared and lovingly she agrees signs paperwork. 5 hours later they return and calm us by saying well its not as bad as we thought but u signed so he must be flown. 20 minutes to load, 20 minute flight, 20 minutes to land and unload. Ive driven in traffic in an hour but 6 total hours after the immediate he arrives. 6 days later so does the bill for the most immediately necessary flight $14,500.00. way to scare and leave no option. You can Obama care all you want but until the real cost and greed issues are corrected. You get the point.

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