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What The Immigration Bill Overlooks

July 14, 2013

In passing the monstrosity known as immigration “reform,” the Senate overlooked a few things of importance. This is unsurprising....

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Jul-24-13 1:56 PM

Wikipedia isn't much more than a chat room. S many distortions of fact that I no longer trust it as an accurate source. True, the people who run it have been trying to clean up their source editing but they still have a ways to go. I won't even waste my time trying to research your "Libertarian" Emelye because it has little meaning. You can cherry pick an individual from any large group that will be contrary to the accepted norm. Take John McCain as an example. He's a Republican in a political sense but in reality is a Progressive which cuts across party lines. You can also find Democrats that more closely adhere to the current policies of the Republican Party. You just don't hear much about them because they no longer hold any power in the Democratic Party but they're still Democrats. Just because you found one non-Democrat who espouses the same immigration philosophy of today's Democratic Party does not allow you to infer that open borders and amnesty are not their real go

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Jul-17-13 3:11 PM

Mr Richman would probably be insulted by your charge, FedUpL8ly, since he's the vice president of a publicly known libertarian group. Wikipedia describes them like this,

"The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) is a nonprofit libertarian advocacy group based in Fairfax, Virginia. It was founded by libertarian author and former defense attorney Jacob G. Hornberger in 1989 in order to advance the libertarian philosophy by "providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and a limited government." Sheldon Richman is the senior fellow and a regular contributor. James Bovard is a policy advisor."

Their recommended policies are practically opposite of those proposed by the Democratic Party. You couldn't be more wrong.

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Jul-15-13 4:33 PM

Notice this letter is so far out barely anyone can comment on it? And even Em and I agree?

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Jul-15-13 7:27 AM

Here, naked, is the real thinking behind all the posturing and excuses. Governments are not instituted as acts of charity toward those outside their boundaries or those who are not citizens. There are private institutions to serve those purposes.

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Jul-15-13 5:46 AM

Amazing how some people think the world works. Are they mostly intellectuals in sheltered confines, or just mentally challenged? Save the money spent on Spanish, not speaking English and having no ID is a justified arrest for possible immigration violation. Don't hire them and they won't come. I wish the author would practice the age old right to migrate. To N.Korea, Iran, Canada.....

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Jul-15-13 3:48 AM

Glad to see you disagree with the author Emelye. However, it seems that the author shares the same ideas of today's Democratic Party rather than that of a Libertarian. When you can finally admit that fact to yourself, I will gladly welcome you to reality in America. I'm sure most Democrats realize this "open border" policy will result in chaos and a lowered standard of living for most Americans but they don't care because they're convinced it will result in their permanent political control of our once-great country. Many of our founders worried that at sometime in the future, politicians would put Party before country and they hoped that the people would not allow this to come to pass. That "time" is more at hand now than it has ever been.

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Jul-14-13 1:03 PM

I disagree with the basic libertarian philosophy that Mr Richman is promoting in this letter. Open borders and the elimination of laws governing immigration and business hiring would inevitably generate chaos that would do much more harm than good to the citizens of our country.

The claims of an ambiguously defined "natural" law and the elevation of what we used to do as some kind of perfection are poor arguments against the comprehensive immigration bill just passed by the Senate. The current system is broken, everyone agrees things should not continue as they are. The extreme libertarian views proposed in this letter ignore human nature, gloss over the real and pervasive suffering such policies would produce and, in the end, would surely prove to be completely unworkable and against our public interest.

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