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TEA Party Is Fighting For Our Freedoms

July 9, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: We’re looking at the political cartoon on today’s opinion page. It depicts various groups that were supposedly “targeted” by the TEA Party and similar organizations....

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Jul-09-13 6:09 AM

You're so very right. Democrats and their useful partners in the mainstream media have distorted TEA Party members and what their goals are from the very beginning. Charges of racism, bigotry and other slanders are thrown around by liberals with the same vigor and enthusiasm one would see at a junior high school pep rally only with less depth of thought. What's really amazing are those who attack the TEA Party objectives while extolling the virtues of the Occupy Wall St. bunch.

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Jul-09-13 6:30 AM

Oh gimme a break! WAH! WAH! WAH! WAH! WAH! The first and only true tea party - in the 1770s fought for our freedoms. If you have to write in to mope about a satirical cartoon, then you're nothing more than a sissy, in my book.

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Jul-09-13 6:47 AM

Please read: US Foreign Policy And The Decline Of Sweden by Newkirk Johnson who lives in Warren. It is in the Local Commentaries section of the PJ. So many of us are cavalier or even critical about the stand the local TeaParties take on various issues, but we will be very sorry some day soon when the low information voters take total control and we are no longer a country. Sweden, once prosperous, has become a haven for other cultures, a place of violence, and the redistribution of wealth is sinking it into the sea. We need to take seriously some of the concerns of the Teaparty organizations. They are not political parties but patriots. Are there crazy extremists found within? Yes, of course, as in all organizations, some have their own interests and agendas, but for the most part, we would do well to listen.

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Jul-09-13 6:49 AM


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Jul-09-13 6:50 AM

Yes, KingSissie, please show all of us your intellect with the name-calling. Got any names for your president? Lois Lerner? Steven Miller? Doug Shulman? How about LIARS?

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Jul-09-13 6:54 AM

And the MEDIA??!! They don't care about what is good for this country. They only care about making their guy look good. You know, he will be gone in 3-1/2 years, but we will all still be here.

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Jul-09-13 7:08 AM

Digger: "LIARS" is too much for King of wah wah to handle. You're right about the media. They are unbelievable. Why is FOX news #1? Think about it!

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Jul-09-13 7:09 AM

Leave it to the TEA Party intellect to completely miss the point of the cartoon. Unfortunately, this group gets it wrong most of the time. Now I know where all of the dim-witted conservatives have gathered. The TEA Party is not the voice of patriotism.....but rather the ramblings of the uninformed and narrow-minded. There is honor and virtue in most conservative values unless you take an extremist position on them.

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Jul-09-13 7:29 AM

They aren't fighting for my freedoms - I already have mine.

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Jul-09-13 7:39 AM

Don't you just love it when someone foments enough hate within themselves to name calling...

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Jul-09-13 7:55 AM

Although I do not agree with the Tea Party, I respect their right to voice their opinions. BUT, lets be honest. Patriots? This is a political group that uses their influence and voting powers to lure conservatives to their side. I am not criticizing, just saying. Lets be honest about this group.

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Jul-09-13 8:03 AM

madmen: Let's hear your description of the Occupy Wall St. group. Let's be honest about this group, as well.

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Jul-09-13 8:07 AM

Speaking of name-calling......COWARD comes to my mind when thinking of Matt Lauer calling Paula Deen to the "Big House" about her use of the N-word. I don't recall the Bill Maurer interview of his use of the C-word when referring to Gov. Palin.

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Jul-09-13 8:09 AM

I don't have a problem with the individuals in the tea party, but the leadership that takes advantage of these unsuspecting souls!

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Jul-09-13 8:50 AM

Paula Deen was tried O.J. style. If you ever used the infamous "N" word you're guilty of whatever they claim. She was raised in the segregated South for crying out loud. When she said "of course" she was matter of fact honest. Much ado about nothing. Our media is less trustworthy even than our politicians and used car salesmen. The left talks about the right as though they are Muslim brotherhood.

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Jul-09-13 9:08 AM

The tea party was formed when it was evident that the republicans would not take the white house in 08 and that Barack Obama would be our next president. Surely you can understand the talking points about a new extreme right conservative group forming at that precise time. Carl and Cheryl you are being brainwashed. You are against big government but not big banks that can break all the rules, send millions into bankruptcy, millions losing their homes yet not one person is held responsible for any of that. Your ideas are twisted and will not be long lasted. Taxed Enough Already - well, no taxes have gone up since you started your little party, so what is the real reason you still exist?

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Jul-09-13 9:28 AM

Thomas is correct,

The TEA Party started off as a anti-tax, anti-big gov't. At first it appeared it was just a catchy name for Libertarians.

Theyre anti-bg gov't when it comes to schools and social programs. Not to military and American Impearlism. They also oppose regulations for workers rights, regulations against energy companies and other industries that are pollluting our environment. But have no problem with the gov't telling people who can get married and what medical procedures they can get.

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Jul-09-13 9:33 AM

Just wondering....what power does the tears have?

Some folks talk about how the press mishandles information and that libs have all these powers, but who makes the news?

Seriously, what do they do, besides itch and moan?

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Jul-09-13 9:35 AM

In 2008, the Republicans faced a decision. THe Neo-Con steam of W had run out and they were at a cross road. They either needed to become more moderate or push hard right. With the election of a labeled socialist black man as president they knew they could push hard right. With gerrymandered cong. districts they were able to regain the house, but the same far right rhetoric is costing them in Nat'l elections. The republicans kept the attitudes of the TEA Party had always been there but republicans kept them in the closet until now, because even ten years ago these people would have seemed crazy....Well to many they still do.

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Jul-09-13 9:52 AM

Madman you are right as usual, but Democrats and Republicans do the same thing. Self serving people get involved with all political movements and try to "become the party". They use it for their own agenda then discard or even join an opposing party as a career step. We the taxpayers should look beyond the Political W h o r e s to the sound American principles that have made this country great. They are not left or right necessarily, just morally correct. It's easy to let the users who use parties to feed at the public trough wear us down and get us to fight with one another, but we must keep focus and concentrate on what Americans have in common.

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Jul-09-13 9:59 AM

I abhor the tea party. Too often decent well meaning people are duped into these populist agendas. This is not new. (Years ago I voted for Ross Perot and I suspect my parents were Huey Long supporters) However, as much as I dislike the Tea Party and what they represent at least they are OFF THE COUCH and trying to contribute and remain active in the political process.

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Jul-09-13 12:25 PM

"Transparency" was just a word to help get Obama elected. Never intended to use it. Another LIE!

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Jul-09-13 1:33 PM

The Tea party is an anti-government group funded by the big corporations to dupe people into agitating against their own best interests using rhetoric designed to obfuscate the process and shield the corporate takeover of our government. Smaller government in the TP view relies on less regulation (making it easier for the corporations to break the laws that are designed to protect us from their abuses), lower taxes (which defund the government and have the same result of less regulations) and "less government intrusion into our lives" (which sounds good until you see how they want the government to intrude on LGBT people's lives along with the lives and rights of all women).

Populist groups like the TP can do a lot of good IF they aren;t subverted by the powers that be. Too bad the TP has never been about the people but about the corporations who want to enslave them.

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Jul-09-13 2:59 PM

Well Said Carlaw & Emelye

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Jul-09-13 3:31 PM

The TEA Party are not Libertarians nor conservatives. They do not prescribe to true libertarian ideals. Also, the TEA Party is not protecting freedom and is not universal in its view of who is worthy to be allowed the freedoms alluded to by the author.

The local TEA Party has shown itself to object to the tried and true process of governance. It advocates for a free market and then wishes to be isolationist in its approach to labor. It also speaks of 'natural law' which is code for a "religious wrapper" which is not libertarian in any way.

The TEA Party can exist but it is a wolf in lambs clothing seeking inequality except for those who it deems worthy.

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