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Stop Translating And Start Demanding English Be Our Primary Language

June 18, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I read with interest the editorial stating a Hispanic Navigator is needed. No we don’t. We need English as our national language....

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Jun-18-13 1:16 AM

Déjà vu all over again.

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Jun-18-13 1:20 AM

Amen Mrs. Forbes !

Learning how to read and write in English is a skill, that those who want to live and enjoy the fruits of American life need to have.

I'm a 4th generation Jamestown Italian, who speaks 99.99 percent English, as do all members of my family. Sure, a few choice Italian words come out on occasion, usually while watching the Bills play on Sunday.

When my Great Granmother came to the USA legally (at age 9) in the early 1900, she learned English. Her Daughter, my Grandmother went to School until 8th grade, when she had to go to work to support the family. She too learned English, it was the expected spoken language of this country and our families household.

My Mother, my Aunts and Uncles their children all speak english 99.99 percent of the time.

Stop coddling, the Spanish speaking folks, (yes I'm calling them out, we all know who are talking about). Come here legally, and learn the language just like the rest of us did!

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Jun-18-13 4:22 AM

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! Press 1 to go back home, cause if you wanted anything but free benifits you would attempt to be a true American!

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Jun-18-13 5:41 AM

Ah, the ugly twin voices of nativism and racism. What a way to start the day.

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Jun-18-13 6:35 AM

Coppergoat, please and seriously, can you clearly explain what you think racism is? Funny I see racism in your remarks and others that spout racism like water... ya'll seem to place no standards on non-whites, as though you see them as incapable, inferior, and handicapped. I won't bother with nativism.

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Jun-18-13 6:47 AM

It seems to me we should all be speaking Native American languages.

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Jun-18-13 6:52 AM

Thank the Democratic party for this problem. Look it up. When put up to a vote, Every NO vote was a Democrat.

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Jun-18-13 6:53 AM

I thought this letter sounded too familiar. Can anyone please explain why the PJ is running this letter again just 5 days after it first ran? Cynicism would lead me to think their page views are down and they're looking for a way to jack them up.

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Jun-18-13 7:01 AM

We'll just change the title, maybe no one will notice.

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Jun-18-13 8:16 AM

Orangeman, BRAVO!

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Jun-18-13 8:32 AM

the unpatriotic liberal wackjobs will continue to destroy this nation from the inside. Si!

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Jun-18-13 9:38 AM

Orangeman..kudos to u and family for learning English... Now for the second project.. instruct the Italians to stop using that fuzzy type of wallpaper..

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Jun-18-13 9:40 AM

If you want good info use Pew Hispanic center. FBI crime stats won't help. They put Hispanics in the white column. That way white crime is highest. Blacks second. In all other federal agencies they are given separate and favored status. Now SCOTUS says AZ must take the word of voters as to their citizenship (surely the illegals would never lie)you can write off the SW as being a Mexican state in ten years. BTW-Puerto Ricans have the highest rate of unemployment among Hispanics. "Fundamentally change America". Coming to a street near you. Spanish will be the language on the floor of the congress soon. Do you really think these people will not make Spanish the national language when they have the majority vote? Dream on.

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Jun-18-13 9:51 AM

Sounds like a plan. But that's when we discover the new dominant society doesn't tolerate people of another race sponging off them.

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Jun-18-13 10:08 AM

Where you are all wrong is the fact that we do not "force" chinese and spanish as additional languages. If you look across the world, many countries speak several languages.

We need to be preparing our future generations for the chinese takeover of our country.

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Jun-18-13 10:15 AM

@Renaldo Racism is making blanket allegations and prejudgments about individuals based on ethnicity. Such as they're all coming here for "free benifits (sic)."

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Jun-18-13 11:24 AM

Coppergoat, thanks. But I don't see that. Judgements are mainly towards this policy which discourages assimilation. Some judgement is made towards immigrants buf it's based on their actions, not ethnicity. Is there a single poster here that has issue with an immigrant that attempts to learn English, the American system & history, and work hard to realize the American dream? Why do you think particular ethnicities are incapable if this?

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Jun-18-13 12:35 PM

The US made big mistakes when they brought too many foreigners in at once. The Irish for one, and the Itlalians for another. In recent times, people like the Hmong who maintain their tribal culture rather than assimilate. Now we pretend Mexico isn't leaping from immigration to invasion. One half of people identifying themselves as Mexican in this country are illegal or offspring of an illegal. Now Obama is talking about bringing in Syrian refugees? Look how that worked out with the Cubans and Africans. Castro emptied his jails and asylums. We're still paying for Aunty to live while she refuses orders to leave. I can and have lived among a lot of non-anglos. And learned something from every group. That doesn't mean I want to turn the country over to them.

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Jun-18-13 1:17 PM

The idea that there is no incentive to learn English if we provide translators for foreign speakers in need is ludicrous and denied the reality of what life is like as an immigrant. The idea that our immigrant ancestors learned English and would not have benefited from translation services when they had to deal with government power is just as ridiculous.

This language debate is rooted in nativism, xenophobia and racism. Singling out Spanish speaking immigrants as somehow being the only immigrant group who "resist" learning English and thus deserve to be punished via neglect is false on its face and divorced from reality now and in history.

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Jun-18-13 1:19 PM

It's truly sad how some people just can't live without another group to look down upon, as if those people wouldn't count for anything unless someone else was beneath them - even if they have to conjure up reasons to condemn. We see this in discussion threads about LGBT people and in threads like this one. In reality, when some people try to diminish others to feel better about themselves they actually end up diminishing themselves.

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Jun-18-13 1:19 PM

Upon renewing a _ of_ credit card on the phone, not only could we not do it the usual, quick way, we were asked to say what language. We said English. the system did not understand. We yelled "English!". An operator came on pitching various extras. We asked, do you not translate Chinese, and other languages(because they only mentioned Espanish). The operator informed us" oh, we have translators here for all.". I feel we real, established American citizens are doormats in every aspect. SCOTUS just enabled every illegal in Arizona to vote.

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Jun-18-13 2:56 PM

Right on, loneriderrr1. But, if they get far enough to be taking the test, the left wing nuts will be the ones letting them through, even if they fail.

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Jun-18-13 3:39 PM

Speaking of knowing the English language....if I moved to Mexico or Spain, Loneriderr1, I would be EMIGRATING-- not immigrating. Just sayin'.

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Jun-18-13 3:50 PM

There is no logical reason for us to learn the language of people who insist on coming here illegally, staying here illegally, and using our laws to make us sorry we inconvenience them. ONLY Spanish speaking peoples have fit that mold. Some people can find evil in the victims and call self defense hate. Those people are not on the side of the citizens. They are the enemy of this country. It' my country. Not some illegal's country. Aiding and abetting will be punished at some point in our future. If we survive.

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Jun-18-13 3:52 PM

"Just sayin'"...yeah, there's an English teacher.

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