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Red Tape Is Very Confusing

June 12, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: Question: How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: First, we need to conduct a study to determine that light bulbs are being used in compliance with......

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Jun-21-13 9:51 AM


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Jun-21-13 7:17 AM

I remember that Winnebago story. It was on "The Rest of the Story" on AM radio.

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Jun-21-13 7:13 AM

That is probably about one of the best examples of why are government is so broken. I really could see the current politicians coming up with a light bulb commission because they are so worthless!!!

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Jun-20-13 11:56 AM

David's philosophy would be to tell the alcoholic to drink more if he's ever going to get over his problem. Then when the drunkard dies, he says "see, problem solved"

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Jun-20-13 11:53 AM

So, David, How are you liking politics?

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Jun-17-13 3:11 PM

OK bluesman,

Where did the stimulus go? A large part went to even more tax cutting, and another large part was simply voted away to non-existence by the GOP. Another big chunk went to the states, most of which used it to lower their taxes and pay their empolyees with the Fed's money. Not much went to "shovel ready projects".

In short, the stimulus was actually about $300B, after the states got done with it. Pretty sad, if you ask me.

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Jun-14-13 2:37 PM


Here's a quick test for you: In 1946, our Federal debt was roughly 130% of GNP. By 1968, it was about 30%. How did we manage to do that?

Answer: Well, we didn't pay one dime of it, so that's not the answer. What we did do was grow the economy. To be accurate, we grew the economy by going into debt during WW-II, and collecting on it in peace time.

So spending not only can lead to lower relative debt, it's exactly what we need now. Let's build some highways and bridges, upgrade the grid and myriad other infrastructure projects that need doing.

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Jun-14-13 8:35 AM

"How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?" ... ANS. It can't be done!...... Anyone who thinks we can get out of our extreme debt by cranking up wasteful spending is too stinkin stupid to change a light bulb. there ya go.

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Jun-12-13 7:32 PM

DavidVA has nailed the process correctly. However, I disagree with the part about "we the people yelling". It's "we the lawyers yelling" on behalf of the very small minority of people who believe every possible scenario should be spelled out with no person being held accountable for stupidity beyond stupidity. For example, the case I'll never forget is the one about the guy who bought a Winnebago, put it on cruise control and then got out of the driver's seat, went in the back to make a cup of coffee and relax. When the Winnebago eventually went off the road and crashed, he sued saying no one told him that cruise control wouldn't keep the Winnebago on the road. What's worse, the jury awarded him damages. Just another example of the dumbing down of America.

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Jun-12-13 10:32 AM

All snark aside, "we the people" are the reason that red tape exists.

Let's say "A" happens, and a small disaster ensues. We the bloody people will rise up in anger and demand that "A" never happens again. The governement stops allowing "A", and a different but still "A" related minor disater occurs. Again, we're on our feet yeeling for justice!.

So to meet the needs of the "A" lovers and the "A" haters, we make rules for if, when, how and why "A" will occur in the future. Of course, nothing we design is perfect, so the "A" rules change and grow with time.

Viola! Red tape.

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Jun-12-13 10:23 AM

Good letter! Both funny and scary!

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Jun-12-13 7:57 AM

As a former govt. employee...I can relate... this is so true!!!!

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Jun-12-13 7:47 AM

You know, letters regarding politics and thank yous get boring if you print them day in and day out. Our government ***** because the right people don't run or retire.

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Jun-12-13 7:12 AM

Of course the author forgets how much party politics would play in this. Democrats would want the light bulb changed one way, and Republican would want it done another and both would use the media to spread lies and misinformation and fear-mongering regarding how the other side's method of light bulb changing will destroy the country.

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Jun-12-13 7:05 AM

I don't know why the author thinks it's so confusing. He seems to have a pretty good handle on how things work in DC.

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Jun-12-13 7:03 AM

I worked in a federal agency for 9 year and I think you've really nailed this. I chuckled a little until I realized how sad it really is.

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Jun-12-13 6:25 AM

Is the bid process being reported to the new office that monitors minority and gender equality. Then of course there's the union priority. Maybe the person who reported the bulb needing change should be investigated for leaking information. Was this bulb in a governmnet facility? Was it in a facility that receives federal funding? Is it a 501(c)3 or 4 entity? Does that entity still comply with not supporting conservative causes? Does DHS monitoring confirm this bulb is not in the hands of a conspirator? Is the reporter HIspanic/Latino or other? I say rather than cause so much effort and use of governmnet funds during this period of GOP mandated sequestering, just take the reporter out with a drone.

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Jun-12-13 4:52 AM

This is done because at some point during a previous light bulb change, the guy is charge of the change bought the light bulb from his buddy or forgot to turn off the switch and got a little zap or put in an incandescent bulb instead of fluorescent and that offended someone. One moron screws it up for everyone.

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