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Class-Action Suits Cost Us All

June 3, 2013

Many of us have received the class-action settlement notices in the mail....

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Jun-10-13 7:14 PM

I do like how you took the factual info I posted and manipulated it into a follow-up. Sly, you do well around this small pond.

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Jun-10-13 7:12 PM

"It's a small point but as I recall..."

You seem to "recall" many things are either are half-true or totally false. Not the first time, seems it happens often. "Recalling" is not the equivalent of "researching".

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Jun-07-13 7:53 PM

It's a small point but as I recall the Baltimore Sun reported that Angelos bought controlling interest in the Orioles which established value of Orioles at more than $200 million and the "rumored" amount that the Angelos law firm got was more than $100 million. Either way, as Obama would say, the lawyers got way more than their "fair share". What you don't seem to understand, Donkeyboy, is that there is a finite amount of money to compensate victims of asbestosis. When you give payouts to people who've never shown signs of being sick, you're basically reducing the amount you'll be able to give those who really do become sick. I think you'll agree with me that $40K doesn't come close to fairly compensating those who become ill.

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Jun-07-13 2:26 PM

Good! Then if they eventually become sick they won't have to try to get another lawsuit started. The answer is to have corporations be more responsible in the first place rather than have to punish their bad behavior when it is exposed years later. Don't blame the people who got sick from asbestos or were exposed to it. Blame the company who knew better yet exposed the workers anyhow.

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Jun-07-13 12:15 PM

Those 5000 people that lost their jobs weren't even working with asbestos. It should be noted that in a great many instances people have been awarded monetary damages even though they have never been sick and have shown no symptoms of being sick, but merely because of possible past exposure.

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Jun-07-13 11:09 AM

"Peter Angelos bought the Baltimore Orioles for a couple of hundred million with only a part of what his law firm got."

False. Angelos was part of a team of investors who bought the Orioles for $173 million. It is rumored his firm made possibly $100 million from the settlement.

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Jun-05-13 2:59 PM

The people who demanded they clean up and search at the towers after 9/11. Would not leave, no matter what. . then they sued because they got exposed to something.

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Jun-05-13 2:15 PM

What do you suggest as an alternative, Fedup? Let them get away with it? If they are polluting, it is usually to make bigger profits. If there are no consequences it will not stop. Were those 5000 workers who you claim lost their jobs, going to be better off working until they had cancer from asbestos? Look at the huge amount of pollution Bethlehem Steel left in Buffalo. Do you remember Love Canal?

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Jun-05-13 3:03 AM

Lawyer fees are exactly the reason for a great many class-action lawsuits. There are law firms that do nothing but file class-action suits with the vast majority in just a very few states. In these lawsuits, the majority never go to trial with the victims getting a few dollars each while the law firms get in the hundreds of millions in some cases. Coppergoat, you aren't very well read on the subject but time and space allows for me to give you one example. Bethlehem Steel plant at Sparrows Point (outside of Baltimore) built ships in World War II. The law firm of Peter Angelos filed a class-action for asbestosis on behalf of the plant workers. Peter Angelos bought the Baltimore Orioles for a couple of hundred million with only a part of what his law firm got. The families of the already dead workers averaged about $10K each and if the worker was sick and still alive, the family got about $40K. The settlement resulted in the loss of 5000 jobs. But Angelos got the Orioles!

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Jun-04-13 4:30 PM

Hazy recollections of propaganda read in the distant past is a poor substitute for facts. The facts are as Monkeyboy and I described them. Class action lawsuits are the only way to redress certain grievances in society. Lawyers fees is a completely separate issue from class action lawsuits. Why is that when conservatives realize they're spouting nonsense, they switch topics as though no one will notice?

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Jun-04-13 3:07 PM

I'm not opposed to the suits, but I am opposed to the large awards in many cases.

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Jun-04-13 2:16 PM

Lawsuits have a place in society as a check against abuse. Over time, this worthy check has been perverted into a much greater abuse by lawyers. Certain states are used by lawyers for class-action suits because of the ridiculous jury awards. Follow the money. In this day and age, you tell me why a lawyer should get 30-40% of a mega-million dollar settlement. Lawyers have been given political protection by politicians to whom they give hundreds of millions of dollars. I recall a study done in the late 90's that pointed out class-action lawsuits put more than 200,000 middle-class Americans out of work in just that decade. A good first step would be to make plaintiffs pay for legal fees if they lose a case. This would go a long way to getting rid of frivolous lawsuits.

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Jun-04-13 11:54 AM

Why protect the corporations who commit the acts that result in the class actions? What do you suggest as an alternative to make them feel some pain so they don't do it again? Corporations look at what's cost effective and if cheating the consumer makes money then they will continue doing it.

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Jun-04-13 10:31 AM

munch chomp slurp slobber slobber drool drool

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Jun-04-13 6:43 AM

"People with legitimate complaints should be allowed to sue." Of course; but if the the damages they would recover on their own was just a few bucks, no one in their right mind would. That's why class-action lawsuits exist; only in the aggregate do the plaintiffs have damages worth litigating. Lawyers can't just make up their own class and start sending post cards; the class has to be certified by a judge. This is just another attempt to shut the courthouse door to consumers who have legitimate grievances in the marketplace, aka "tort reform."

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