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Individuals, Corporations Ought To Pay Their Fair Share

June 3, 2013

Some champions of the free market insist Congress — usually its liberal wing — simply can’t abide with success....

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Jun-03-13 3:58 AM

This is why taxes are out of control. Take apple for example. They paid 6 billion in taxes, their employees all paid income taxes, they went home and lived in a house in which they pay property taxes, should they buy an iPad for themselves, they wll pay a sales tax. To get their iPad on wifi, they will pay additional sales taxes to the cable company as well as FCC taxes. Taxing in general is out of control. Time to cut spending or downsize government.

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Jun-03-13 6:16 AM

Individuals and Corporations feel good when they can legally beat the system. Ya, that's right, many of them can legally beat the system; so that means Congress will have to change the system. Ya, like that's going to happen! And people are so fed up with taxes, they take some satisfaction in tweaking their taxes just to beat the system a little bit.

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Jun-03-13 7:19 AM

Many of the tax loopholes, credits and tax shelters that have been written into our convoluted tax laws were lobbied for by the very corporations that are taking advantage of them. These laws were then written and passed by congress with the intent of sparking business, the very same congress that is now feigning outrage that these corporations are using these laws to reduce or eliminate their federal tax burden.

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Jun-03-13 7:30 AM

Article makes a valid point. Democrats are obsessed with Exxon-Mobil profits yet never mention that the company pays more than $30 billion in taxes last year while ignoring the Return on Investment (ROI) is less than many corporations while providing many excellent union jobs. Then, on the other hand, you've got Barack Obama's "green energy" companies that not only pay no taxes but have burned through more than a hundred billion dollars of taxpayer money. What astounds me is how many people take the Democrats' hypocrisy in stride and don't give it a second thought. And people wonder why the politicians in Congress have so little regard for the average taxpayer.

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Jun-03-13 8:20 AM

"For example, one recent proposal from the White House called for....". If you are going to cite something in your Op Ed, be specific. This means nothing. Our tax corporate tax code is a complicated mess because the corporations lobbied to make it that way. Now they are complaining about it. It is about politics. Ethanol, for example is a failed experiment. After 30 years of subsidies, it is time to stop and let it sink or swim on it's own. Neither party will do this because of the farm lobby and refiners want to keep things the way they are. I support incentives for new technologies. We need to be exploring and innovating in areas where it's not financially feasible for the private sector to support. Notably, the micro chip and internet wouldn't be here without government support. Simplified corp taxes would be great but they are just stewing in the pot they created.

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Jun-03-13 8:56 AM

teachers pay no state income tax when they retire and remain in NY

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Jun-03-13 9:21 AM

This op-ed is all over the board. One paragraph disputes another. Somebody let their child write this one? FedUpL8ly, why no outrage on our subsidizing Exxon-Mobil?

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Jun-03-13 10:34 AM

Ah, "Their fair share" Where have we heard THAT before? Everyone should be able to get "a fair shake" in this country. Exceptions for anyone who disagrees with this administration, then you're in big IRS trouble....

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Jun-03-13 10:51 AM

The answer? Continue to court big box stores with tax breaks. wtf

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Jun-03-13 3:17 PM

Howard, as usual you're wrong. You are a constant source of Democratic Party talking points that are put out to fool the uninformed. Exxon-Mobil isn't subsidized at all. Their are tax credits put into law as an incentive to companies to spend their own money, not taxpayer money, searching for oil which, by the way is in our national interest. Howard, do you consider the home mortgage interest deduction a subsidy? Same thing. whyaduck seems to be on the same page as you Howard. Confused. He says the corporations are complaining. Wrong! It's the Democratic politicians who are complaining because the law prevents them from grabbing even more money from the private sector. Then whyaduck blames the lobbyists. WHY? They can lobby all day long to no effect if no one pays attention. Blame the POLITICIANS who listen and go along to get along even when it's against their better judgment.

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Jun-03-13 4:15 PM

I know this isn't popular, but it's true. The tax burden in this country is among the lowest on the planet. Yet we have some who want it lower still. OK, what will you do without? Most of the "spending" is already committed.

FWIW, the Federal government is really an insurance company with an army. Unless you think that Social Security or Medicare needs a trim, the options for cutting get pretty slim pretty fast.

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Jun-03-13 4:25 PM

Just a note to FedUpL8ly,

The petrochimeical industry has been subsidized for nearly 100 years. The oil depletion allowance alone has saved big oil over a trillion dollars.

Cry no tears for them. They make money, then we give them some more.

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Jun-04-13 6:23 AM

No out rage over GE because they are in bed with this prez and pay little , nothing in media to that corrupt situation.

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Jun-04-13 7:20 AM

If Apple has to pay high taxes on all the money it makes off shore, ....everyone else should too? Even deployed sevice members? Our complex tax laws have created this problem in the first place. Lower the taxes to a flat tax below 12% and Apple will close it's Irish offices and bring the money back. Keep raising axes and watch more international company profits leave our shores.

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Jun-04-13 3:12 PM

The entire tax code for both individuals and corporations needs a huge overhaul. It's not fair, doesn't help the economy the way it could, and it nearly impossible to understand.

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Jun-05-13 8:27 PM

There is no subsidizing of Exxon-Mobil or any other large oil company. They used to get deductions for drilling and certain other aspects of their business for exploration. No government money gets paid to them. The small oil/gas companies still get the deductions. Stop believing all the propaganda out there.

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Jun-05-13 8:33 PM

Taxing is out of control, Maddog80. Why isn't the editor of this paper outraged at GOVERNMENT SPENDING? A fair or flat tax would be the answer - if Congress wouldn't screw it up. Businesses would come back, we would be competitive world wide. Everyone would pay something. Much better than this mess. The tax code in the US is designed so that no one can understand it. P.S. Corporations and individuals want to keep as much of their money as possible. Their money is theirs', your money is yours, it does not belong to the government first. And, just because this Leviathan, out-of-control governments wants to spend more, it is not entitled to more of your hard earned money to spend extra-Constitutionally.

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Jun-06-13 4:42 PM

MacKensie - Same question I asked below: what are you willing to do without? If the answer is something i don't need but others do, then think again. Those "others" have the same atitude in reverse. So do we cut Defense? Get rid of the Federal prisons? Close all the parks?

If you're serious, then be specific.

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Jun-07-13 12:27 PM

DavidVA- The question you ask shows you haven't followed the news over the last several years. This week, it's been revealed that the IRS spent 49 million since 2010 on "conferences". Recently, the GSA was found to have spent many millions on "getaways". Just last year, the gov't. gave away $232 million in bonuses. The GAO has cited over $200 billion a year in duplicative programs and waste each year. Barack Obama's presidency has seen these costs explode and he's done NOTHING to rein them in while he criticizes people for not paying more in taxes.

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Jun-11-13 4:34 PM

Well, the suggestions just poured in. First, foreign aid (a favorite for elimination) consists of roughly $4 Billion to Israel, and little else. Killing that would amount to a cut of .13% of the budget. Foreign bases are subsidized byu the host countries, so little savings there. And the GAO's "$200 Billion in duplicative programs" is highly suspicious. I would need a source on that one.

Now on to the need to stop anthrogenic global warming (AGW). Unless you have no children or are just mean spirited, I assume you wish to leave them with a place live. All protestatins to the contrary, AGW is real and the potential devastation is rapidly becoming a future certainty. We'll need all the green energy we can get. You might be wise to pick something else.

BTW, we spend tons of money on new things that don't always deliver the goods. Some do ... like the DARPA program that created the internet.

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